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For more information, visit ProGrass Chief Horticulturist Steve Varga takes us to Budapest, Hungary for a look at an unirrigated and extensive green roof. Produced by: Thomas Varga © 2010 ProGrass Landscape Care & Design Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJeffrey Heller presents at Global Green CitiesVegetation Development on Extensive Green Roofs Over Time by Christine ThuringGreen Revolution Series: Green RoofsUgreenS – Fernando presents project managementGreen Roofs: Largest Extensive in New Zealand Uses LiveRoof System[SBE16] The development and performance of plant species in Brazilian extensive green roofs

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  • bowehj96 1 year ago

    I don't think the Hungarian guy needed subtitles. The American guy could have done with some, though! (I am an English native speaker, by the way.)

    Nice video either way 🙂