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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Nature had a calling to this 1250-sq ft rooftop terrace, part of a 1910 arts and crafts style home with modern additions located in Lawrence, New York. With direct roof access from the upper level bedroom, the design would incorporate beauty, function, and form, screening an unsightly generator and an AC condenser unit while softening an L-shaped, hard edged space. The clients sought a roof garden design that could shield the unsightly elements, and create a setting that could be used comfortably throughout the day and evening with living areas for dining and lounging. Modern forms and a living greenwall would bring an inviting design with visual play while giving the home updated roof appeal. Gunn Landscape Architecture designed and incorporated a curvilinear living greenwall working with Plant Wall Design to engineer the overall structure. Reinterpreting the American meadow and giving it a vertical form for a rooftop, the greenwall incorporates gradients of green hues, herbaceous plant material, and predominantly native species from blooming perennials, ferns, and grasses to mildew resistant climbing varieties traversing diagonally along the curved form. As diverse textures flourish throughout spring, bright color extends from the varied green backdrop later in the season. The plants, growing in nutrient rich sediment without the weight of loam, are placed within felt pockets, designed to encourage minimal loss of water. The private greenwall serves as a striking focal point alongside consistent language in the architectural formwork, slats of wood running uniformly throughout the entire expanse. Accompanied by a living landscape of trees and shrubs on the perimeter, the outdoor sanctuary provides residents with a pleasant new enclave and a solution-oriented design that adds greenery without compromising floor space. Click here: to see more information about […]

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