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Kensington Palace has made footage and images available of Prince William and his wife Kate, the UK Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with their children in a garden co-designed by Duchess for London’s Chelsea Flower Show. The royal family were filmed playing together in the woodland wilderness garden, which the Duchess has helped to create to encourage children to spend more time outdoors. For more info, please go to Subscribe to Global News Channel HERE: Like Global News on Facebook HERE: Follow Global News on Twitter HERE: Follow Global News on Instagram HERE: #RoyalFamily #GlobalNews #UKRoyals #PrinceWilliam #UK Video Rating: / 5 GREEN FAMILY KIDS SONGS – LEARN AND SING! Today we are singing In the Garden song. How fun! Enjoy while watching these cartoons for kids and our nursery rhymes. Our animations are the best for the development of toddlers and kids. If you want to watch more kids songs do not forget to subscribe to our channel ➡️ Sing with us the In the Garden and let’s dance together! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChris Beardshaw’s Healthy Cities Garden for Morgan Stanley – 2015 Chelsea Flower ShowExposiciWoolly and Tig – Flower Girl | TV Show for Kids | Toy SpiderKids learn planting flower with Kinetic Sand – Play gardening education teaching methods activitiesKids learn planting flower with Kinetic Sand – Play gardening education teaching methods activitiesKids learn planting flower with Kinetic Sand – Play gardening education teaching methods activities

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  • Miya N 11 months ago

    Was für eine wundervolle Familie. So hübsch. ❤️

  • Dumb sheeps admiring money.

  • nina Chumnanvech 11 months ago

    William and Kate's family, is loving, care free and natural, this family radiates LOVE to us all.
    In contras to Harry's family, fiercely demand of privacy for Archie, making their fans dying to know about Archie. The Sussex loves it, that's their style to generate INTEREST AND POPULARITY. we feel uncomfortable toward them !!!
    Sussex family so complicated and secret unity, hiding behind the Frogmore security line.

  • deshela 11 months ago

    They let their children play in the garden…Prince Charles taking care alot of his little boy , Prince Louis…so cute moment,. Mommy Catherine walks around to see her children play

  • Shanelle Kay 11 months ago

    Adorable family

  • Dns Dns 11 months ago

    Какая семья приятная ! Детки замечательные . А малыш Луи просто прелесть ! ❤❤❤

  • JB Finch 11 months ago

    They are a beautiful family.

  • Lilian Jarrin 11 months ago

    Muy linda familia, que sean felices siempre.

  • elvira vasimova 11 months ago

    blood children many many many blood. God knows

  • elvira vasimova 11 months ago

    God don't bless the future Queen family. Nazi blood family

  • elvira vasimova 11 months ago

    this beatiful family must be killed. Nazi

  • Griffy Laran Arche 11 months ago

    First time hearing their voices

  • Rosina Lardì 11 months ago

    siete bellissimi

  • marija csoknya 11 months ago

    William was such good looking teenager and look at him now.A real Windsor.

  • Hey, that's pretty good! 11 months ago

    Just shave it all William…

  • Safa Safa 11 months ago

    they will inherit the debts of the republic of England that was run by William potter

  • Jason Mandaze 11 months ago

    I'm happy to see these kids living a normal life even if they are from royal family. Kate and William are very good parent. ❤

  • Eva Lopez 11 months ago

    So cute!!!