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In the middle of a desert, there’s a garden. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNew Floating Monster & Rooftop Gardens – Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – Part 13The Rooftop Gardens of New York, episode 1 of Outdoor Engineering by HusqvarnaRooftop farming || EPISODE 68 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Rooftop farming || EPISODE 73 || HD || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening || ছাদকৃষি ||Indoor Hydroponic Spinach Update – S2 Episode SomethingRooftop farming || EPISODE 66 || Shykh Seraj || Channel i || Roof Gardening ||

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  • Nailed it 1 year ago

    even i am having problem doing that shit,,,,i am stuck at that

  • Charanjit Kaur 1 year ago


  • Andrei Todiresei 1 year ago


  • 100 TV 1 year ago

    @HaloMice He probably plays Pc Version

  • HaloMice 1 year ago

    how in gods vagina do you record your tv?

  • Dreamy Memes 1 year ago

    @MetallicA2010Live im not stupid

  • Dreamy Memes 1 year ago

    @MetallicA2010Live how does my profile say that

  • Dreamy Memes 1 year ago

    @MetallicA2010Live imnot trying 2 fight with you

  • Dreamy Memes 1 year ago

    @MetallicA2010Live lolyou say that when you put a period between the time thingies

  • wtfstfu118 1 year ago

    'they're even more beautiful than i remember'
    'cool, thanks, prince' LMFAO

  • Adept7777 1 year ago

    @pastspirit … No it isn't.

  • qwertasdfg67 1 year ago

    @pastspirit no, she didn't lie. she's just a newbie to magick or she's retarded

  • Carlus Magnus 1 year ago

    The girl who gives advices to the Prince lied to him ! It is not a "freeze water" power; its a "freeze time itself" power xD

  • cooldude1886 1 year ago

    some people just have an hd camcorder and hd tv (to prevent black bars) and use it to record audio and video, plus if your going to the next part all you gotta do stop the recording on the cam

  • darkhawk155 1 year ago

    @Rutxo3 He rewinded and I guess the body came back, idk.

  • GrimSplinter 1 year ago

    @sssoh what kind of turtle beaches do you have I just got the x11s

  • hugge123456 1 year ago

    10:49 Random flying guy? xD

  • TheDJHeretic 1 year ago

    @toy56100 Red dead mate it's better

  • spiddy9693 1 year ago

    @toy56100 red dead trust me

  • darkhawk155 1 year ago

    @Rutxo3 For some reason the body of the thing he just killed got shot off the ledge.