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Hello, everyone this video show about Primitive Technology: Cogon Grass Roof Hut. This hut been built in my village that takeds a time 3 months. Material and tool: – Stone – Bamboo – Cogon grass (100 tab) – Natural wire – Water – Grass – Soil – Trees etc… I wasn’t to know this and was trying to adapt hut building practice I learned in the mountain to low land conditions (I’ve built similar huts up the mountain with the same roof shape that have lasted a long time). I hope in future videos to explore better roofing options to use in areas like this. If you like our videos, please like, comments, share, and don’t forget click the subscribe button below for more videos daily. Our channel: Our Google Plus: Thank you! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCogon Grass RoofPrimitive TechnologySong of the Grass Roof Hermitage chanted by Ben ConnellyBaby Elephant Dok Rak Playing With Dry Grass RoofHard rain at night, but our new grass roof held up 🙂Green Roof Garden with Carpet Grass & Stainless Steel Wire

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  • PS Daily Primitive 1 week ago

    This hut been built in my village that takes a time 3 months.
    Thanks for your watching and see you next video and new project.
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  • Barbara Brantley 1 week ago

    Brilliant! I’m learning so much from watching you in your videos. I find them very informative. You are all great teachers. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  • Светлана Рамишкина 1 week ago

    Хотя и говорят, что Титаник построили специалисты, а делитант – ковчег, но, всё же, всему надо учиться. Все стены домика покрыты трещинами. Может быть, от разрушения, его спасёт дополнительная обмазка? Надо знать, как правильно приготовить строительные материалы, из которых получаться прочные строения.

  • DRAGO DRAGOV 1 week ago


  • BuSHidoZZe 1 week ago

    Why there always one hot guy and one regular(not hot) guy in this kind of video? is it suppose to be an eye candy?
    I like that tall skinny guy, his doing a lot of work and very good in his job

  • JieLiMengPeng 1 week ago

    many work!!!

  • Anaporymattaverde Mattaverde 1 week ago

    Agora que esta mais duro o barro, dá outra mão pra ficar mais resistente

  • Thunder081 1 week ago


  • CH Cambo 1 week ago

    very nice

  • Heric Belen 1 week ago

    Add erick.

  • Robert Jackson 1 week ago

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  • Robert Jackson 1 week ago

    It keeps your teenager busy after school

  • Elias Retzlaff 1 week ago


  • Susan Alberts 1 week ago


  • Darryl Bavington 1 week ago

    Does the rain still come in or is it waterproof??

  • Val Tozer 1 week ago

    Well in my opinion they messed it up. They did good with the walls, but they should have done the roof in bamboo. Sturdy walls crappy roof. But it's just my opinion. PATHMaker of LENNI TRIBE.

  • Sharul Ramli 1 week ago

    Rumah tk ada elektrik mcm mna

  • joshua devaney 1 week ago

    Anyone who wants to try out their primitive skills- I have some land in KY. Contact me.

  • Katan Akuma 6 days ago

    Amazing work. Something to be proud of. Well done.