In this episode I go over the price of the new roof. I cover the material prices what materials were used and labor to get it installed. Cost and breakdown is revealed at the whiteboard as usual. If you have questions about this project feel free to ask. The roof is on a 5/12 pitch with a 16 inch overhang on all sides. Interior is vaulted throughout out the whole cabin.
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Price of new roof for a cabin

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  • Lakario Davis

    where the hell you find someone to do the labor for 700. My house is about that size and I can't find anyone to do it for less than 3k. lol Its really frustrating because I bought this tiny house hoping it would be more affordable to manage. but I'm learning that they charge just as much for the small homes as they do the large ones. I have a very tiny low slope roof. flat on both sides no transitions or anything. one of the more simpler roofs I've ever seen.

  • Nikos DIY

    That back deck is like an extra room, depending on the weather in you area, for 3 to 6 months. I live in Greece so I would be spending 6 months out there. This place is going to be great.

  • CraveThatCoin

    Your videos are really coming along well. I recommend numbering them so it's easier for future viewers to see the series in order.

  • Horst Carpentry

    Using the snow country ridge vent that'll breath for sure. Roofers always nail regular cobra tight and doesn't vent as well as it could. Roofers can knock it out when they're good. Still a very fair price though. I bet I could've done that roof in a day. Not a bad daily rate for a project. Gotta have ropes for that church. If I did that I'd have to use roof Jack's and climb my way up, but, that takes forever and need alot of 2 x 8s. That's a big job.

  • Money Making Mike G.

    The very highest I've ever been up for work is 48'. I've been in the roof of every Distribution Center I ever worked for. Now I was a bit scared of heights when I was younger but when I was old enough to understand what my Dad did as a Union Bridge Painter, I got over my fear asap!!! I figured I owed it to him. House is coming along fantastically. Hope all is well, and Dirty Jersey out!!!

  • April M

    Hi Migraine Crafsman. I would like to get your advice. If there is a 0.3 acre corner lot is it possile to build a 2br, 2bath one floor house with front porch, back deck along with a small business building attached to the house and parking for clients? Or is the lot not big enough? Thanks!

  • Scott Hudgins

    The house is looking good! I have to say though the lasting impressing I got from this video was the final scene, it took me right back to when I was about 7 years old, and my Grandfather took me and a loaf of day-old bread to a lake in Virgina Beach VA to feed some ducks. It's one of my happiest childhood memories. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  • Zeyno

    Seems not much left to finish the house. Looks perfect. View was amazing with the ducks. Woow it is hard to work on the roof of that church. I bet you would like to be on the top of that church's roof.:)

  • Mike Woods

    Simple is best in my opinion…plus I like the look of simple houses…they feel like home to me and bring contentment. Love the ridge vent…one of the nicest I have seen. Those guys roofing the church are brave…I get nausea just watching them!

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