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In this video, I show a smothering method to manage unwanted weeds and grasses in vegetable garden beds. At the same time, I also explain several other tips and my own thought process/reasoning for doing what I do. Thanks for your support 🙂 Blog: (use the search bar on my website to find info on certain subjects) Forum: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to my channel: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPreventing Pests with Flowers in the Vegetable Garden – Suburban Homestead EP13How to Build Raised Beds for Your Vegetable GardenHow I Prepare My Vegetable Garden Beds Using Wood ChipRaised Beds – Cheap vegetable gardening beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable gardenVegetable Gardening : How to Plant Raised Vegetable BedsThe Vegetable Garden – Getting Started

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  • matt north 1 year ago

    love ya work. I'm putting another garden bed in this week. Really need to look at what I can grow and what time of year to plant things. Any suggestions?

  • Terry Obright 1 year ago

    having the same problem grass has just taken over my garden and I can't seem to keep up. Oh my that black frill mustard will become a drama for you those seeds just keep coming back. I hate that mustard. I am going to try and get it out of my garden. Red Malabar growing, good for you. I love my Holy Basil the best in my garden. I am trying to get longevity spinach to take off, and some Egyptian onion this year. Learning about Hugelkultur beds. That grass is driving me mad also. good luck with getting rid of it! thnx for sharing the clip about the beautiful birds splashing in the water that's to cool!

  • LASummer 1 year ago

    Beautiful birds!

  • David Thelan 1 year ago

    With your beds why don't you make a Chicken coop up to sit over the beds to let them go through the bed and take out all the seeds and weeds plus compost the bed at the sane time

  • 1969rbmustangboss 1 year ago

    I once asked my late father what was the best way to get rid of nut grass and his answer was, "Move off and leave it." lol

  • Jenny Jones 1 year ago

    For instance layer papers and put dirt over them and plant

  • Two Family Homestead 1 year ago

    Love your raised beds !! I'd like you to consider being a guest on our Monday evening live stream (9pm est) we'd love to have you 🙂

  • Teija Nelson 1 year ago

    I also have to tarp grass. We have nut grass but it's the Bermuda grass that is the Devil here in Arkansas. I have never seen a long tarp like you have. Is it from marine use? What is the other fabric you mentioned?

  • Bryce Leonardo 1 year ago

    what kind of vineing spinach was that with the berries?

  • wildchook (Mary) 1 year ago

    Good idea Mark. I am going to do the same with my garden too.

  • Hewett Homestead 1 year ago

    Hey, New subber her from the US. Thats an amazing set up beother. Looking forward to checking out more. Check out our channel when you get a chance!

  • 50 shades of green 1 year ago

    hello Mark !! great update on how two prevent and eradicate weeds In your raised beds !! great looking birds taking a bath in your gutters !! thanks for sharing and happy gardening !!

  • Wendy Rowland 1 year ago

    I have not tried it, but "lasagne" gardening is good way of smothering the weeds. You place cardboard or thick layers of newspaper over the bed. Then you cover it all with a generous layer of manure. The worms will draw the nutrients through and the card will decompose having done its' job. I think any virulent aggressive grasses need to be carefully forked through and removed. I love to see the parrots, in case you didn't understand them, they asked you not to sort the gutter.

  • Jeanette Doorey 1 year ago

    Great video Mark,thanks

  • Jeanette Doorey 1 year ago

    I got an I select add,

  • Mark, I learn so much from your videos. Thank you!

    I know parrots must be a common sight for you, but not for us here in the States. With all the lovely birds down under, I'm surprised you haven't given them a proper birdbath.

  • Ruth Williamson 1 year ago

    Excellent! Last year, I actually added another layer of manure before I put the tarp down, because I love the benefits of manure, but I was frustrated by how many weeds came along with it! I figured why not add the manure first, and smother it in advance? It worked well, and the soil underneath seemed less "dead" when I removed the tarp. So that was good!

  • Homebirth Homeschool Homestead 1 year ago

    Those birds are ridiculously beautiful. We only ever see birds like that in the zoo!

  • Daniel Boulton 1 year ago

    G'day Mark, how long do you leave the tarp on? Does it kill running grasses like cooch and kikuyu?

  • bowie19jan 1 year ago

    Hi Mark, how long would you leave the tarp on the garden bed for?