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A look at my small garden and the food I grow such as: Tomatoes, Peppers, Beetroot, Chives, raspberries, Apples, Onions, Spring Onions, French beans, Strawberries, Chillies, Aloe vera, Mint, Parsley. There are also many blackberry bushes growing in the surrounding woodland I can harvest. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPrepper Survival Garden – Learn All about Prepper Survival Garden TechniquesAugust 29th Garden Harvest Update Melon Pepper Tomato Container Vegetable Gardening How to GrowPocono PrepperContainer Garden Update 1 Harvest Layout Varieties Organic Raw Food Vegetable Gardening How to GrowChef’s Vegetable Garden UpdateJuly Container Garden Harvest Update Deer and Possum Organic Vegetable Gardening lettuce seed

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  • AnalyticalSurvival 1 year ago

    Keep up the great work! Many blessings –GM

  • Cory Boyd 1 year ago

    love your garden

  • Cory Boyd 1 year ago

    love the garden!

  • rodster6 1 year ago

    Because I enjoy gardening and growing fruit and veg for free? Or because I have plans on taking care of myself in life rather than relying on the government or others to nanny me through life? I also work out and eat healthily so I don't have to rely on joe tax payer to look after me via nhs. Nothing to do with fearing the cold war.

  • Joe .T 1 year ago

    No I Grow My Own Free Food If 

  • rodster6 1 year ago

    Thanks! Ido plan on making some more, an update of my bug out bike, a camping trip/bug out practice and my new Mora.

  • PreReform98 1 year ago

    Please make more videos if you ever have time your videos are good quality and really intresting

  • rodster6 1 year ago

    That's why some people may have defensive options they don't advertise over the internet.

  • rodster6 1 year ago

    I usually grow sunflowers but for some reason didn't bother this year. 

  • kessler003 1 year ago

    Spinach.. because of the calcium!!!