Day 1 at Preparedness University. What an awesome day it was! Reading the Mittleider Gardening Course book is a great way to get started on your road to crea…
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Preparedness University: Day 1

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  • Tim Favreau

    Website address? Googling comes up with many sites that are not where your
    at :-/ and how much is the cost and duration? Thank you!?

  • GhoulishCop

    Definitely looking forward to the rest of this series. Prep U. looks like
    such a great campus…talk about practical, hands-on knowledge. Every
    college should be imparting knowledge to its students that’s as useful as
    this is.?

  • MotherOfManyHorses

    Even though I have always been told that you could not transplant corn, I
    always had my doubts. I used to sprout my corn seed before planting it.
    Haven’t had a garden in years.?

  • Sandra Graham

    Yes have gone on this video before & all is given out is LDS Prepper bblog
    & Preparedness Unniversity no address at all or the cost of this course
    would like to know how to go about getting to see this first hand or is it
    just a book one buys .?

  • Rex Ygay

    How can I enrolled to that Preparedness University? I am really really
    really interested and I need it to myself and to my country.

    I’m REX. R. YGAY. I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
    Saints (baptized 2001, served mission 2003-2005, temple married to Weljohn
    P. Torres on Oct. 19, 2007, and now having growing a big family). I have
    four children, three girls (Queency Franz 6 yrs old, Dinah Valerie 4 yrs
    old, Lei Nicole 2 yrs old and John Felix 3 months old.

    You know what, I’ve been praying to find ways to increase my income… I’m
    doing now a micro business which make me a enough income to feed my family
    but not enough to save for the education of our children and our retirement.

    As I ponder, our basic needs specially food the prizes is getting higher
    and higher while our income are steady. I realized to go backyard gardening
    and make money on it. I prayed about it and I feel good and joy about it.
    As search in Google and YouTube… I saw your video and start watching
    it… I said to myself this is it.

    I was grown in traditional way of Filipino farming… so I want make
    changes on it and the Mittleider Gardening Method is the answer. Can you
    help me have a copy of that manual please! I need it so much…

    Sincerely Yours,

  • sha whit

    Wow, wish we had a university like that here in Michigan….what would it
    take to get one started? One in every state? ?

  • Jim Kemna

    I’ve been a little behind on watching these, but just realized that the
    class was just an hour away from me. I may have to go sometime!?

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