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  • ChezGra 1 year ago

    I don’t use them as mulch any more because they are like reproductive heaven for nasty pill bugs. I save them and use them for my compost. Dry leaves are great to cover green s and kitchen scraps. My compost bins are more like worm bins. There are tons of worms. During summer the compost cooks up really fast and that is when there is a shortage of dry material so the leaves come in handy to keep it going.

  • Abhi gupta 1 year ago

    Nice video mam.. you are doing superb job..Mam I have few cuttings of spider plant that i took from some other spider plant so please guide how to propogate in water and in soil as well . Wht to do… thnxx in advance

  • Brian Maloney 1 year ago

    unscribing. You can thank the fcc, comcast, and google. Thanks for some great videos.

  • Elizabeth Jones 1 year ago

    I've been procrastinating so it's already cold and snowy here, but I plan to put down leaves this weekend!

  • d hamby 1 year ago

    This is sheet composting. If you rake existing mulch to the side apply leaves and ugly mulch then cover with attractive expensive mulch your pretty mulch will last longer and go much further. All kinds of organic matter work. Bush trimmings, leaves and cut up tree branches are perfect. Neighbors yard waste is a great resource as well.

  • Killing field Remnant 1 year ago

    I love leaves .I have been collecting them the last 3 yrs

  • JJ Spurlin 1 year ago

    Love it. I am the neighborhood leaf collector. We have mostly red oak here in joplin mo. What leafs are you using?

  • Rick J 1 year ago

    Thank You Kim! So glad to hear from y'all! I wasn't sure how things were going for your family with the fires out there!

  • Big Tex 1 year ago

    Man would love to use leaves here in the gardens but with our sandy soil they are full of sand spurs.

  • Ray Maritz 1 year ago

    I've got bluegums on my property so I have very few leaves. I buy tons of forest mulch, the unfortunate product of the new housing developments in our area, every year to get some organic matter on the soil.

  • Isabella & Jaidyns Garden Adventures 1 year ago

    I wish we had tree in out yard that had leaves. All we have all palm trees so we use small wood chips instead (but those aren't free) I have got some leaves for a co worker earlier this year which helped.

  • Jackie Horsley 1 year ago

    Great video Kim . i totally understand what you're saying just recently I raked up all my leaves I think I ended up with 10 or 11 bags I kept them and laid them up against my house last fall I got a bunch of leaves from my mom and dads house I keep them and put them on my garden beds daring late summer early fall a lot of them have all really broke down I even have a couple of bags of grass clippings that I need to do something with I'm wondering if I can put them in my garden beds to will anyway Kim thanks for the tip I will definitely be taking advantage of it

  • lesrobot01 1 year ago

    I spread some of our Chicken manure on several of our beds and then covered most of them with leaves… Hopefully will be able to get some more leaves to do the rest.. Also put some crushed egg shells on each bed.. We have had over a week of nights in the 20's, but should be getting back to more normal 30's and 40's soon.. Happy Gardening..!!

  • OAKSkiers 1 year ago

    yes, thats what we did last weekend

  • okpkpkp 1 year ago

    Our tree leaves are almost as thick as Magnolia leaves and in my small compost bin, they'd never break down. So, I took a trip down the street. During the fall months, the city of Sacramento (Dubbed by some as "The City of Trees") allows leaves to be placed loosely in the street for pick up, rather than trying to squish all those autumn leaves into a yard waste bin. The largest tree on the street is four houses down. I got 5 big black plastic bags full and barely touched the pile. Just today I turned two of those bags into shredded leaves by putting them into a trash can (35 gallons I got at Ace Hardware for $20) and used a weed eater on them. I chopped them coarsely and came inside to your video, lol. I will add them to the raised beds and compost bin. Thanks for the ips.

  • Gregory Fortner 1 year ago

    I mulch my leaves and mix them with rabbit and chicken poop.

  • SantaAnaRoadWildman 1 year ago

    Thanks Kim! I will have to rake a bunch of leaves this weekend to spread over my pepper patch. It's been hovering around 30 at night up here in the 831 & I really want to save my chilis for a head start next season!