When evaluating the purchase of a fireplace, sooner or later one comes to consider the cost factor. This can vary a lot, depending on different variables, ranging from the type, to the functions, to the manpower required for the installation.Generally however it can be noted that for the prefabricated fireplaces the price is lower than traditional ones, that is handcrafted. This is because prefabricated buildings require processing on an industrial scale, while traditional fireplaces require a longer, more laborious process and in some cases must be built directly at the installation site. The price of prefabricated fireplaces it starts from 200 euros and can go up to 3000 euros, however labor costs must also be considered. In the case of finished products, these will be minimal, but for raw products they will be higher.

Prefabricated fireplace

Prefabricated fireplace As for completeness, there are three types of prefab fireplaces: finished, semi-finished and raw. The former are sold already complete, both externally and internally. They are ready to be installed and connected to the flue, and do not require any other initial intervention. The semi-finished ones, on the other hand, have some ready-made parts, but can be customized with some details. Here, too, the initial manpower is reduced to a minimum. Finally, the rough prefabricated fireplaces have the fire chamber and the hood. Generally they are made of metal and require complete installation with the use of refractory, ie fire resistant, binders (cement, mortar). In this case it is also possible to insert grids and braziers as desired, as well as further customize the fireplace with decorative elements.

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LeMarble prefabricated fireplaceThe prices of prefabricated fireplaces can be very diverse. This is due to the fact that there are different types, distinguished according to their characteristics: they can be front, side, corner, monobloc as regards the structure; but also of cast iron or refractories as regards the construction material. If therefore on www.bricocenter.it it will be possible to find fireplaces made of cement conglomerate and expanded clay starting from 250 euros, on the same site there are pellet insert fireplaces, suitable for an existing compartment, complete with remote control for thermal regulation , which can cost up to 2000 euros. The same goes for the other manufacturers: the more complex and performing the fireplace, the more the cost will increase.

Open fireplace When planning to install a fireplace in the house, the dimensions of the space it will occupy must be considered. While a classic handcrafted fireplace can be commissioned in the size and shape of your choice, pre-fabricated fireplace sizes are standard: 60, 80 and 100. These figures refer to the length of each side of the fireplace, whether it is present. front or side, whether it is a circular prefabricated fireplace. However, there may sometimes be small variations, however, it is generally a few centimeters. However, it is important to foresee that, once the chimney has been installed, no furniture or elements that are sensitive to heat or easily flammable can be placed in its vicinity. It will therefore be advisable to maintain a safety distance of about two meters, but consider that when the wood crackles in the fire it can throw burning embers even at a distance of four meters.

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