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Praying Mantis – Best Natural Pest Control & benefits for your organic Garden 101. Part 1 Just search under praying mantis eggs.. THANK YOU. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNatural Pest Control for Healthy Plants in your Vegetable GardenEasy Organic Pest Control for Your Vegetable GardenPlanet Orange Bay Area Pest Control – People and Pest Friendly SolutionsNatural Weed Control in the Vegetable Garden – GardenForkThe benefits of permaculture and natural gardening in AfricaHow NOT To Control Pests In An Organic Garden

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  • Donald Damron 6 months ago

    Hi Mark, great video, I've been wanting to get some of these for my garden, thanks Don

  • boilednuts 6 months ago

    Nice video Mark. Couple questions: After hatching how long can you keep these babies in the bottle? I've got a lot of geckos in my yard and wonder if they will harm the small mantis babies?

  • ThisIs Slammin 6 months ago

    I used to buy those 100 at a time on eBay for $.50 apiece. I made little round cages out of 1/2 hardware cloth, to protect from birds. And add 5-10 egg cases to the wire cages and bend them shut. Then just hang them around the yard where they could quickly hide. In a mater of a week you couldn't look anywhere with out seeing these tiny alien creatures.
    Now the prices are too high per egg case so I only buy a few.

  • yohjo kromwood 6 months ago

    verry cool mark are you gone buy them every year ore wil they find home in your garden and reproduce?

  • Anna Yoder 6 months ago

    Where did you get them? I can definitely use some in my gardens

  • Sue Leigh 6 months ago

    Good info, as usual! Thanks! I can't wait to see them hatching!!

  • MORNING GARDENER'S SHOW. 6 months ago

    I have a problem with a white maggot in my cherry I spray neem oil. I'm still waiting for results.