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Artificial intelligence is making a significant impact on nearly every industry, and agriculture is no different. Google’s tools are working together to improve the world’s food supply. From the Cloud to Glass, farmers now have millions of vital images and data points available to them within seconds. In this session, you’ll learn how products such as the Google Cloud Platform, TensorFlow and AutoML are working in the field, as well as how you can use them across any industry to make a profound difference for your business. Event schedule → Watch more Machine Learning & AI sessions here → Next ‘18 All Sessions playlist → Subscribe to the Google Cloud channel! → Related PostsIPCC Forgets Cloud Circulation in Antarctica & Vertical Farming Solutions (335)future farming equipment, concept agriculture machinery, modern agriculture equipment compilationSmart Farming: Data Enabling the Future of AgricultureThe Future Of Agriculture – Most Amazing Fruits & Vegetables Farming TechniqueWorld Food Day 2017: Agriculture of the FutureSmart farming technology – The Future Of Agriculture? #part2

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  • nisam faras 7 months ago

    You should start a competition between AI and HUMAN where you give each one (ai and human) 3 months to grow some predefined amount of crops and then after 3 months check quality of both the sides.

  • Ivan Hedz 7 months ago

    Next step is Government AI by Google. Love it!!!