Added by on 2017-03-29 So thanks to the invention of HID lighting, indoor gardening became possible. Now we’ve got this whole booming industry growing up around us. We’re moving into decades of legacy. This is the technology that made it all possible. We’ve got metal halide high-pressure sodium lighting. We had our typical screw-in bulb style, right? This has been there for us for 25 years. It’s been great. One of the biggest things that growers are always after is what’s that new lighting? Is it LED? Is it plasma? What is it? What’s going to be, fiber optics? There’s always so much hype around these things. But then when it comes to stable crop production, getting paid, being reliable, we’ve only been able to count really on the HID lighting. We see a little bit of mixing of LEDs here and there, but. We’re moving away from this archaic screw-in situation to the next level with what we’re calling double-ended, DE, so that’s how you’re going to hear about it. This is the 1000 DE by Gavita. This is really a professional-grade commercially viable unit. As you can see, it’s not remote ballast. What we’re looking at is the ballast directly connected to the ignition sites with high-temp LEDs. The bulb is being fired from both ends, so we’re seeing the most complete ignition of gas as possible. We are seeing the most amount of light for 1,000 watts that we’ve ever seen before. They’ve really taken the time to make this commercially viable. The reflector is replaceable, which is very important. In my opinion, if you ever buy a reflector where you cannot replace the actual reflective material, it was really a waste of money because reflective materials do not last forever. If this material is not giving you the proper […]

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