hello, I recently bought this bonsai but a few days ago it made a strange mold on the ground and loses a few leaves, I keep it at home on the table in front of the French window in the living room, I think it gets enough light and I also water it by immersing it in its saucer full of water about 1 or 2 times a week when I dry the soil both below and above, I give it fertilizer every 10 days … where am I wrong? experience…

Crassula leaves

Dear Geneva,

portulacaria afra a succulent, belonging to the crassulaceae family, in fact two different species are sold as bonsai, both with the name of portulacaria bonsai, that is portulacaria afra, and crassula portulacea; they are both very similar, they are succulents, native to Africa. They are resistant and vigorous plants, which can also live in fairly cold areas, with lows close to zero (or even less if properly cultivated), and also in places that are not excessively bright. Yours is probably getting sick due to excessive watering, in fact these plants, in the months characterized by short days, must remain in an almost completely dry soil, to be wetted only sporadically; while more regular watering should be provided in the months with long days, such as the spring and summer months. In fact, the best place to grow these bonsai would be the terrace, in a semi-shaded area, with a few hours of direct sun a day, possibly not during the hottest hours. During the winter they may need protection, even when the pot is placed near the walls of the house, in an area sheltered from the wind; a layer of non-woven fabric may be sufficient, which keeps the frost away; in this case the plants will be watered only from April to September-October. Portulacaria bloom in late winter, but flowering does not occur if the plants are grown constantly in the heat, that is, in an apartment. Provide a fertilizer for succulent plants, poor in nitrogen, from April to September, about every 20 days; and uses, for cultivation, a very porous and very well drained soil, consisting largely of lapillus or pumice stone.

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portulacaria crassula loses leaves – Bonsai Questions and Answers

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