G-TECTA gas detector family for personal safety in all industries, e.g. process plant, laboratory, etc. They can be used for oxygen deficiency/ oxygen enrichment detection, explosimetry, LFL & LEL warning and confined space monitoring. It is very easy to calibrate the G-TECTA with portable cylinders ECOCYL®, HiQ® MINICAN, HIQ® MAXICAN and HiQ® MICROCAN.

The Linde Group - Linde G-TECTA TM SG Training Video

Hand held gas detection instrumentation from Linde.
The G-TECTATM SG single gas detector (up to 28 different sensor options).
This video shows you how to work the G-TECTATM SG from switch on to audio and visual alarms and how to reset, it takes you through step by step set up and use.
This video is designed to supplement the operating manual, not replace it.
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Portable safety G-TECTA gas detector

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