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By Suryapal, Student, Dept. of Journalism – Garden City College Video Rating: / 5 Job sequencing with deadline Dynamic programming Video by Department of computer science, Garden City College Bangalore Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPartnerships and the Future of Agriculture Technology by Robert T. Fraley (USA)Wildlife and Kid Friendly Water Conserving Garden: Robert Leeper designAdventures in Small-Scale Vertical Farming // Robert Laing, Farm.One (FirstMark’s Hardwired)“Black Dog” – Robert Plant @ Taste of Chicago – Petrillo Music Shell, Chicago, IL. 7-12-2013Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Chicago 1995 (Since I’ve Been Loving You) BEST VERSIONRobert Plant – Chicago Press Conference 1983

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  • ANTIFACEBOOKMAN 10 months ago

    What song is this

  • Abhinandan sharma 10 months ago


  • rohit sancheti 10 months ago

    Job sequencing problem was totally wrong.. dammit remove this video.. stop sharing wrong information.. how this people get to teach in colleges.. saddens me to my deepest level!!

  • Pallavi s 10 months ago

    I am not the student for GCC, how can i get more videos?

  • Daniel Premkumar 10 months ago

    If the objective is to find the min cost/max profit, 7 trials, each with source nodes as 1,2 ..7 and their appropriate destination nodes (7 Nos), of course using the principle of DP needs to be examined. Would like some feedback.

  • Daniel Premkumar 10 months ago

    What is the relevance of saying that each of the 4 jobs can be executed in unit time and at the same time saying that 2 of them have bigger dead lines ? We might as well choose (and ensure) the higher profit jobs first instead of giving preference to shorter dead line jobs. Why not schedule the jobs in the J1-J4-J3-J2 sequence ? Perhaps a better explanation would help.

  • Debopriyo Sinha 10 months ago

    thnku so much ma'm,,u r best teacher in this world!