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MORE PROJECT AND TIPS: This was a quick shed roof build to cover my air compressor and dust collection system. It has been too cold to paint so I pre-assembled and painted as much as I could in the shop. Then brought the components out to build it as quickly as possible. I think it went relatively well. Thanks for watching! (affiliate links) – These help fund the videos at no extra cost to you. TOOL LIST: – Swanson Speed Square – Framing Hammer with Smooth Face – Skilsaw – Hand saw – Mechanical Pencil – Tap measure – Japanese woodworking Hand Saw – Table saw – Chop saw – Wood glue – Framing square – Milwaukee Drill – Fortsner bits – High-Speed Steel Drill Bits FOLLOW: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: G+: WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Always think ahead. Every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. Related PostsBuilding new Front Porch, adding decorative Concrete, new roof, New Old House on the Block!Roof Framing 101 Volume 1.0Build a Garden Shed – Roof FramingROOF FRAMING CALCULATIONSROOF FRAMING CALCULATORRoof Framing Calculation


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  • Lu Cho 3 weeks ago

    But you forgot the door?

  • Agreeable Dragon 3 weeks ago

    Great job! But wait a minute. What are you standing on when you're walking on the rafters? It looks like there's boards underneath your feet but we can't see them. Like around 1:27.

  • Johnny Kurplutzo 3 weeks ago

    I take it you don't get paid per hour

  • Jackie Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    No , no thank you for showing and sharing this project just coincidence it's the same thing that I have to do to my backyard I have to put a roof over the back door so this is something that I'm glad I saw you do it thank you so much.

  • Woodlandhomeowner association 3 weeks ago

    what's the minimum distance between 4×4 braces?  how do you calculate the load for 2 braces vs. 3?

  • Landon Labrum 3 weeks ago

    That is the best way to show how to build something

  • Rick Deckard 3 weeks ago

    Excellent video thanks

  • Raff Sr 3 weeks ago

    Thank you, good job!!

  • Michael Liggins 3 weeks ago

    Informative but too quickly narrated for a beginner like me.

  • TM_InkAddict 3 weeks ago

    Great job! Did you use 2×4 or 2×6 for the rafters..? Also, was the board you attached to the garage to support the rafters a 2×6? Thanks!

  • TM_InkAddict 3 weeks ago

    Yeah. This video 100% inspired me to make an overhang off my garage. Thanks for the video!

  • vera de groot 3 weeks ago

    Did you let the roof walk of forwards? It looks like it but when you make the deck how mutch did you cut 1 side of the beams? 5° of 10°

  • AMERICAN SNIPER 3 weeks ago

    This is what I call, " work smart, not hard." Good job mate…

  • Robby Clark 3 weeks ago

    Very good video / work.

  • Rose Ownby 3 weeks ago

    love this sight

  • deputy dog 3 weeks ago

    excellent job / video thanks'

  • Omar Macias 3 weeks ago

    Your a boss

  • TheClaudos 3 weeks ago

    I like the first part of how you got the roof up by yourself using the temporary legs as leverage. What a great technique. Is it standard in the US or is it building code for roofing structures to always have plywood followed by asphalt and shingles as your roofing system? I see this a lot in US building videos.