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A popup was a great way to connect to community to show the Food grown in the city with focus on quality, environment and tech. Grönska is a young, Swedish tech-company that develops technology for vertical farming, and grows and sells vegetables and herbs. Vertical farming that is based on the use of LED lighting and hydroponic watering systems. This method allows us to grow food indoors, locally and all year round. The reason we do this is to offer a sustainable, locally grown alternative to imported food and to enable more self-sufficient cities. Rather than a goodie bag, attendees of the xNOMAD multi brand popup were delighted when they were given herbs. Related PostsBrazilian company takes farming innovation in an upward directionThe Rise of High Tech Vertical Farming Worldwide! The Future of Farming for Cities of the FutureHigh Tech Agriculture – 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 4)Dubai-based Badia Farms, brings high tech vertical farming to the regionVertical farming: Plenty receives $200 million investment from tech giants – TomoNewsVertical farming startup gets $200 million investment from tech giants

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