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In the heart of Bangkok there is a massive rooftop garden on the top of a district office building. For more than 20 years the officials run this extraordinary project as an educational center for urban gardening/farming. Related PostsPopular Videos – Green roof & GardenPopular Videos – Roof garden & BangladeshPopular Videos – Roof gardenPopular Videos – Roof garden & VegetablePopular Videos – Roof garden & VegetablePopular Green roof & Roof videos


Green Roofs


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  • KlausBeckEwerhardy 4 years ago

    Very nice – the urban gardening movement is also quite active in the USA in UK and I remember reading an article about Berlin if I remember correctly, Apart from growing your own food the community-factor seems to be quite important here. Thanks for showing this example. By the way – what are the toads for?