Pool landscape design…how much does it cost? $$$

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  • Kit's Vids

    Hi Bobby – I've recently discovered your channel and love all of the great tips and designs. (I've been binge watching.) One thing I can't seem to find help with is how to design an island planting bed (idea for a future video?). I have 4 very large native valley oaks in my back yard and you aren't supposed to plant under them or the roots will rot. I use a lot of containers on dirt and some river rock, but I have a long space in the middle of my yard in between and outside of the drip lines of two groupings of the oaks. I want to plant there but no idea how to design it. I don't want it to feel like I'm cutting my yard in half. (Though we did think about putting a diagonal dry creek bed going through it from our drainpipe to the drainage ditch that runs down the length of our yard. LOL) I'm in a dry zone 9 and am thinking Mediterranean theme. Any ideas? We are low-budget do-it-yourselfers (of course).

  • Nancy Wells

    Hello Bobby,
    I have a lot of large container plants in and around my yard. I have learned that the hand truck a.k.a. hand dollie is your best buddy for moving the large planters around. Good thing of container plantings is the ability of moving them around to different locations.