Each house is improved and embellished if provided with an external environment, dedicated to the garden. Being able to create a space, even if small, with the right garden furniture, helps us to pleasantly spend time outdoors and savor the result of our work, during the summer evenings, alone or in company. It is not essential to buy too expensive chairs and tables, on the market we can find all types, which are able to satisfy the most varied tastes and different economic availability. From the characteristic tables complete with wrought iron chairs, to the simpler and cheaper ones in hard plastic, the choice is very wide. The important thing is that the quality is good enough and that it fits the style of the house. We give space to the imagination. Why not choose a lovely polycarbonate canopy?

Garden furniture

Shed for the garden If the garden is large, but the area furnished in full sun, without plants, which can give refreshment and shade or the space is too small to place trees, we must resort to the use of polycarbonate canopies. In the terraced houses we can admire them of every type and material. They start from the roof and extend in order to create a valid cover for the underlying furniture, protecting it together with those who are staying there, both from rain and from too much summer sun. The materials in which the shelters are made range from fine wood to polycarbonate. The shapes and colors in general must be harmonized with the house, we can find them of every size and type. The assembly is carried out by the dealer, included in the price, or for those who love DIY, there is the possibility of “do it yourself”.

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Shelter, polycarbonate canopy If we want a covered canopy that is very resistant and long-lasting, we should choose it in polycarbonate. It is in fact a material, transparent and aesthetically beautiful, versatile and capable of supporting large weights. Ideal for shelters in mountain areas, it is also used for its ease of installation and the relatively low price compared to other materials. One of its characteristics is that it is recyclable, very important in high-tech materials. Insulates from cold and heat, resistant to fire, as well as being easy to work with. Its lightness makes it particularly suitable for protective canopies for terraces and garden gazebos. Also suitable for protecting the benches along the paths of the parks and the furnished areas of the gardens from bad weather.

Pergolas in lamellar The choice of furniture, pergolas, garden sheds must be made by selecting the best solutions for the space and the type of environment created. On the market, in garden shops, nurseries and DIY centers, there are many offers and prices. To have the unnecessary quality spend excessively. The important thing is to contact companies, where there are experts in the sector, whom we know how to indicate and advise. If the garden is small, we do not have much space to protect, if the furnished area is large, we still have the possibility to proceed little by little to arrange polycarbonate canopies, canopies and pergolas. We will be able to evaluate which is the best material and the most suitable type of protection, by visiting the sales centers, seeing the products installed, as well as, of course, by consulting brochures, printed catalogs and online sites.

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Polycarbonate canopy – Pergolas Garden canopies

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