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Get ready to learn about pollination in this learning video for kids. See the process of how a flower multiplies and makes other flowers! Pollination is fascinating to learn, not just because we get to talk about flowers but also because we get to learn about pollinators! Pollinators help flowers make more flowers through pollination! You will also learn about pollen (obviously) and plant parts! Thanks for watching this Homeschool Pop video on pollination! We hope you enjoyed it and learned a lot! See you on the next video!! Pollination for Kids | Flower Learning Video Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney Cartoon Toys ReviewFlower Garden | DinoTales Story Book and Song | Kindergarten Preschool Video [Kids TV OZ]Spiderman Toys Surprise Eggs For Children – Spiderman Coloring Eggs – Video Learning For KidsBest Learning the Alphabet ABC Color Video for Children with Garden Kids TVParts of a Flower -Functions …for Kids ,Kindergarten,PreschoolersHow to draw a scenery of flower garden for kids

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  • Jessica Rivas 4 months ago

    Pablo(7) and Abby(3)
    Abby: I really love your video! Thank you.
    Pablo: I really really like the state videos! Thank you for the videos!

  • Charlee Flach 4 months ago


  • SSwoodworks 4 months ago

    I learned so much about flowers. From Maddy

  • cartooni chanel 4 months ago

    Thank you I watch your videos so I know pollination

  • monsti mates 4 months ago

    H8 ur vids

  • Pearl Girl 4 months ago

    Do u have a video about bees?

  • Redh Amihan 4 months ago

    Redh,9,philippines i lobe your videos

  • Michael Koranda 4 months ago

    Mr. Koranda's 2nd grade class at Harrisburg's Horizon Elementary enjoyed the information provided in this instructional video.

  • Kelsey Frey 4 months ago

    A little disappointing that this video perpetuates the myth that beautiful flowers make you sneeze. This is not true in most cases.  Pollen that makes you sneeze is from wind pollinated flowers such as corn, grass, and oak trees.  Their flowers are green or other dull colors because they aren't attracting pollinators.  Their wind blown pollen is what makes you sneeze.  Not the flowers shown in this video that have heavy sticky pollen for sticking to pollinators.

  • ضحك و فكاة 4 months ago

    You helped me alot

  • Miami Kayaking 4 months ago

    Im Adrianne 9 years old from Florida Miami And I love Your videos they Educate me alot especially the pollination Video!

  • Zikra Khan 4 months ago

    I love to learn more from you

  • Christy Shen 4 months ago

    Christy I am

  • Killer Dagger 4 months ago

    i need help for a oral presentation this friday about pollination,this really will help me

  • Ashley Bhugwandin 4 months ago

    This is for a homework

  • Sun Lee 4 months ago

    My name is Ethan from Texas.
    Your video is better than my 2nd grade workbook by scholastic. Your video is the best! I learned a lot from you.

  • schelda65 4 months ago

    Angelica from Colorado loved the video.

  • Janelle Dillon 4 months ago

    My name is Bri. I live in New York, I have an academic fair tonight and my project is alllll about pollination!!!! I learned that honey bees are called pollinators. The bees take the girl part of the flower called a pistil and move it to the boy part of the flower called a stamen. When these are put together the flower can produce A SEED!!!! THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING GREAT LEARNING VIDEO 🙂

  • Sweety Clement 4 months ago

    Hi I am Liv your vedios are very interesting and educative thank you so much