Added by on 2015-08-14 A quick video showing you how I pollinate my hydroponic tomatoes . In this video I show 4 different varieties of micro tomato plants growing in deep water culture hydroponics. I also show sage and lemon basil in hydroponics. I have a few other goodies growing in dirt as well. My goal is to see which tomato does best and stick with that for indoor growing. Last year I did roma tomatoes and they were huge monsters and difficult to deal with indoors. Update at this link: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHarvesting Hydroponic TomatoesGrowing Hydroponic TomatoesHydroponic Tomatoes – Kratky vs Soil – Indoors vs OutdoorsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes With Just A 10w Grow LightHydroponic Tomatoes – Start Growing IndoorsHow To Harvest 500kgs of Hydroponic Tomatoes Per Week in Africa

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  • L. Neal 5 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Kia Mozartoz 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot. I got beautiful flowers, but all of them are dying. I hope i can get some sucess doin it.?

  • rickvanman 5 years ago

    Aphids cause damage to plants by puncturing plant stems and stalks with their skylets, which are powerful suction devices built into their mouths. Once they are able to reach the plant sap, they extract as much as possible, which over time can effectively weaken the plant.
    Introduce some ladybugs in to your growing environment – they feed on the aphids.

  • fjoa123 5 years ago

    i just went to try this on my tomato flowers, and i noticed they were full of little green fly like insects 🙁 I killed em all, and the proceeded with the shaking and polen tipping and planting. but i got scared, are those bugs harmful for my flowers? how do i get rid of them?

  • JAck Sprat 5 years ago

    just shake your bush to pollinate.

  • NotEnuffMana 5 years ago

    Thank you! i made another "pollinator" that is a vibrating schick razor with a plastic cap duct taped to the tip with cotton in it. but your method seems like it should not fail. I take it pollinating tomatoes and cherry tomatoes could both use this method?

  • GoingOrganic1 5 years ago

    Great video!

  • AussieGrower13 5 years ago

    Very helpful! Good work mate!

  • akzorz 5 years ago

    Wonderful vid! Just starting to do some tomatoes my self and something i heard for other plants and would recommend for tomatoes especially if you are growing big ones. Put an electric fan on them so that they stems grow stronger and thicker… that way they support the tomatoes better. Cheers.


  • RJL738 5 years ago


  • rickvanman 5 years ago

    @bigolebadassbob Nice one! I hear an electric toothbrush also works well :o)

  • Tomo Asada 5 years ago

    Now, that's a unique method!
    In my case I use a tuning fork to vibrate the flowers.

  • Apples Flibbr 5 years ago

    Good stuff rick, plants looking good

  • MrGreenbudha 5 years ago

    cool vid and nice info. i was told before that by just shaking the tomato plant would do the same thing, now i have no idea if that is true but it would be worth check that info out.

  • USNERDOC 5 years ago

    Rick – cool video tutorial!

  • rickvanman 5 years ago

    @ingesumadre Better soil & food? Also is your glass UV protective – preventing the right spectrum of light reaching your tomatoes? Are the seeds taken from shop-brought fruit? if so they will likely not do well. Try some heirloom seeds.
    Good luck.

  • ingesumadre 5 years ago

    my tomatoes dont reach more than 3 inches they dry well watered an on the window lots of light any sugestions?

  • Fabyr 5 years ago

    Very useful and interesting and as always well explained. Great work! *****

  • MZMStudios 5 years ago

    @rickvanman Maybe some old 70s funk-type bad porn music?

  • rickvanman 5 years ago

    @MZMStudios LOL! indeed, which reminds me, I forgot to mention; it's usually best to play some mood music – Perhaps some Barry White or something ;o)

  • uk2usa 5 years ago

    Wtf were you thinking with that noise in the beginning of the video? 0:01 – 0:10

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 5 years ago

    hey im growing the micro tom this yea rtoo! wow! ive never seen anyone grow them! yay! im happy! you like the way they produce?

  • ujoint666 5 years ago

    good video i have growen tomatos with just t8 growm light from menards they worked great but i had to have them really close to plants have u tryed that
    it might be cheaper i seem to have good yealds too

  • stymye 5 years ago

    I would highly recommend not using "dirt" for your planters ,,, you need a soil less mix or "potting mix" Dirt is probably the worst thing you could use for almost any plant

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @davidandcarolh I've been using small rockwool cubes for the Aerogarden and I just trim them to fit the plastic holders. Works great.

  • Lester D. Howell 5 years ago

    Sleestaks—are you kiddin me, Hanna & Barbara, Land of the Lost. Thats me I remember that. 75,76,77 or somewhere in there. I was a big fan. Cool stuff I love it.
    Question– I have an Eurogarden and was wondering if you have a homemade replacement for their foam plugs that go into the plastic cups. I have tried sponges and they do not absorb water all the way to the top like the eurogarden sponges do.


  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @growgarden They seem to be the exact same as the larger variety but they are not full grown so I don't know how much nutrients they will suck up. Will soon find out.

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @lionheadtube They are fast growers. One of them started to get flowers today. 35 days from seed and it has flowers…insane.

  • lionheadtube 5 years ago

    I also have some tiny tims going. How do you like them so far?

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @gusterk It's an experiment. If it fails then I never will show it. If it works then I'll show it. So far it's working great.

  • gusterk 5 years ago

    So i thought i would just ask…. Whats in the top secret thing?

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @niffer58 Haha. Yes, I covered the name on the seed packs to respect his privacy. I had 99.9% germination with his seeds and will get more from him for next year. Hope you get moved in time to get a garden going at your new place.

  • niffer58 5 years ago

    I know where you got those tomato seeds 🙂 good luck

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @tester083 The nutrients were just a little too strong for them being so small and burned the leaf edges. I made them a little less than half strength but it was still a little too high for the tiny tim tomatoes.

  • SleestaksRule 5 years ago

    @Jksax914 I'll be making it after the holidays. I'll be using that overdriven light on it since it's long and covers that whole area. Then I'll move it outside for the summer.

  • cortez3113 5 years ago

    Grow some cannabis!!!

  • tester083 5 years ago

    so what causes the "burning" ? my mint plants look like that

  • Jksax914 5 years ago

    looks great. When are you making the lettuce raft? Im considering doing a raft with lettuce and spinach. Are you going to use the overdriven fl. light exclusively for the raft? By the way love the sleestak with the netty pot hat. lmao

  • fozzythemexican 5 years ago

    THis is too cool. I tryed that. I took a clone from a plant i had outside(cherry 100 from cali). But all it did was grow green. I was useing a simple 5-7-5 organic fertilzer at a low level(ppm500).

  • iulian28ti 5 years ago

    Maaaaaaaaaaan those roots are HUGE !