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PLUG & PLANT: The Smart, Affordable and Natural Indoor Ecosystem that Looks Great, Increases Productivity, Reduces Stress Levels and Purifies the Air. | NOW AVAILABLE: Plug & Plant ➜➜ – Plug & Plant is a wall-mounted system of pods that not only neatly organizes the indoor plants, but each one is equipped with Bluetooth room, humidity and light sensors. That tech gathers data from the environment and offers tips for optimum plant growth. A Smart Water Tank also uses the collected info to vary the watering regimen as needed for up to 30 days. Related PostsPlant On Walls | WALL GARDEN, FLOATING PLANT | INSANE PLANT | Episode 5 |System Overview: Plant & Flourish Wall Garden Hydroponic/Aqartificial plant wall & artificial vertical gardenHouse Plant Indoor Wall Hanging S | Picture Set Of House Office Or Garden Decor Plants RomanceHow to make a urban garden ? Ideas for plant wall, indoor garden and terrace10 Smart Watering Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

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