Plexiglass canopies are mainly used to protect windows from bad weather, but they are also suitable for other uses: carports and roofs, leaning against the external walls of homes, or placed in special parking areas; verandas for bars and covers for verandas and gardens. Plexiglass is a plastic material with resistance, transparency and high workability which, over the years, has replaced glass in whole or in part. Due to its high degree of transparency and safety, plexiglass is widely used for the creation of furnishing accessories such as showers, aquariums, or large windows in very busy environments, such as swimming pools or gyms. The plexiglass canopies they require little maintenance, are resistant to the action of acid or corrosive substances and ensure the right natural lighting.

Aluminum and plexiglass canopy

Plexiglass canopies The overall costs are determined by many factors: first of all the prices of the shelters, the installation and any charges for the issue of municipal permits. The shelters and canopies, as works that determine changes in the external appearance of the structure, require permits for their installation. Prices of plexiglass canopies are very varied, they depend on the dimensions, the simplest ones, those placed to protect doors and windows, can be purchased at prices of the order of a few tens to a few hundred euros, while the prices increase significantly for the more extensive pergolas or canopies, more aesthetically designed, of very different shapes and with load-bearing structures in aluminum or steel. The offers in online sales or in “do-it-yourself” shops are very advantageous, especially if you are able to provide for the assembly without additional costs.

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Garden canopies pergolas Those who dedicate themselves to arranging a garden, as a hobby or as a profession, know that in choosing plants and furnishings, they must take into account the surrounding environment, atmospheric conditions, whether it is a sea or mountain environment. But it is not enough to choose the right plant or the most fashionable piece of furniture, in the design of a garden it is not enough to strictly follow a style; the risk in these cases is to have a perfect garden but without a soul, without personality. You can customize your garden with particular objects or with furnishing elements more suited to your character. Garden canopies help to create intimate and welcoming corners, or cheerful and colorful ones. The garden sheds pergolas are made with different materials, from wood, warm and welcoming, to plastic, glass, steel, wrought iron.

Wooden pergola The garden sheds pergolas are made of various materials with different characteristics and very different prices. The wooden canopies have the advantage of being ecological, thermal and acoustic insulators, they help to give the garden a more natural aspect, well integrated with the green of the trees. However, the wooden pergolas need a more careful maintenance, they fear the humidity, but also the very hot sun. Prices depend on the type of wood chosen, the treatment to which it has been subjected and the finishes. Aluminum canopies offer many advantages, they are resistant to different weather conditions, have a long life, require little maintenance. The aluminum pergolas canopies have a not excessive cost (depending on the size) and can be purchased in any shop that sells outdoor furniture items, or do-it-yourself, or even online, complete with the assembly kit.


Plexiglass canopies – Pergolas Garden canopies

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