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Watch interviews, gameplay, and panel discussions live from PSX 2017, includes updates on The Last of Us Part II, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams, Monster Hunter: World, and much more. See the full programming schedule at and Related PostsThe English Gardening SchoolInvitation to the Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit 2017 from Linda VelazquezБЕЗ ОБМЕЖЕНЬ – Хочеш. Прем’єра 2017 (Live @ ROOF)Science – Seed Germination Animation (From seed to plant) – EnglishStory on how plant grows from seed – The Lonely Seed – EnglishAnimals in the Garden for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn English Speaking with Wow English TV

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  • Savoz 1 year ago

    Where is day 2? Where is main event like last year?

  • David Dante 1 year ago

    Bravo at the Last of Us Part 2 performance!! That was awesome!

  • Bad80y1 1 year ago

    Sony is absolutely killing the video game industry. They got the games and the hardware. Yes I have a gaming rig and a Xbox One, but when it comes to quality exclusives and lots of them, you can’t beat gaming with PlayStation. Sony doesn’t spare any expense when it comes to giving their customers these PSX shows which are so gorgeous to watch. Loved all those panels. Uncharted and TLOU2 panels were killer. Too much fun.

  • Charles Gabriel 1 year ago

    Is there any way this long video be split into parts?

  • Hoxtafari 1 year ago

    These VR games are so annoying. Now that VR exists, their game trailers are just there for filler in future conferences and showcases. E3, PSX, and etc.

  • Squall Leonhart 1 year ago

    No tenchu remake this year to…

  • Grullaful 1 year ago

    My opinion about the conference ………. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • Jack Cosgrove 1 year ago

    This host woman is awful!! She ruined the panel nearly, should have kept Greg on to host this panel too.

  • mehdigeek 1 year ago

    1:43:47 Laura doing the SJW voice I'm screaminggggg

  • Kaneki Ken 1 year ago

    "We will forever continue to make sinple player, linear, narrative based games." Boyyy if ya'll dont bring factions mp back which is the best multiplayer experience i'm gonna be mad

  • Hakai 1 year ago

    WHERE TF IS DMC5????

  • Relentless 1 year ago

    I don't know why some many are saying The last of us 2 panel was terrible. The host wasn't the best, but the panel was good over all. I think some people just have to find something to hate.

  • Jon Idoncair 1 year ago

    1:45:17 lmfao i love when non-americans do american accents, always funny

  • RobTheRich 1 year ago

    1:25:20 – Uncharted 10 Year Anniversary, my favorite PlayStation franchise

  • Erych Elliott 1 year ago

    Dribble b

  • Erych Elliott 1 year ago


  • Erych Elliott 1 year ago


  • Erych Elliott 1 year ago

    associate producer