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For Kids Worldwide presents : Plastilina Flower Garden Magical Molding Dough Plastelino! ☆ ★ ♪ ❤ SUBSCRIBE ❤ ♪ ★ ☆ ❤ Description ❤ It is a known fact that the precise ingredients of the contents of the Play-Doh plasticine toys cannot be revealed or shared, as they are a business secret. However, it may be enough to say that the compound consists first and foremost of a combination of salt and water, as well as flour. Also, it is very necessary to say that it contains no peanut oil and no nuts at all, or one single dairy byproduct. However, it is also relevant to say that these toys DO include wheat. Of course, the Play-Doh play plasticine can in no way be a foodstuff and it should not be ingested. Furthermore, the Play-Doh product or compound can be said to be a non-irritating, non-toxic and non-allergenic. This pertains to all cases except the following one: kids who have an allergy to gluten might also be sensitive to this toy product. The Play-Doh toy compound is the number one modeling mix which can be reused, and it is perhaps an outstanding fact that more than one hundred million cans are produced on an annual basis. To be more precise, an excess of nine hundred and fifty million pounds (in other words, over two billion cans) of this play dough have undergone being squashed and squished from the year 1956. An amazing 7 million Play-Doh play sets have been bought from the year 1999. One of the biggest advantages of this play plasticine is that it is so designed that it can be made use of time and time again. It is also relevant to not that if it permitted to become hard (in the aim of preserving a […]

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