If you are one of the lucky owners of a garden and you are looking for furniture suitable for its decor, for sure, you are also looking for a table that you can use for outdoor dining with your whole family. the garden tables is the plastic that represents one of the most practical and functional table choices in fact the tables made of plastic are very resistant, stable, light and are available in many colors.In the past, plastic was considered a very cheap material because the its price was extremely lower than the other materials with which garden tables are made but, lately, in addition to cheap models, you can also find very particular plastic tables with a unique designer that have nothing to envy to wooden tables and iron and have a high cost.Plastic tables are generally very light so they can also be thought of as mobile tables and can they can be moved without difficulty, they are used both in gardens and on terraces and can have very different shapes and sizes.To better furnish your garden, divide the space you have available into various areas deciding which area will be used for lunch and then determine how much space you can use to place the table, buy the table of the size you need, bearing in mind the number of people it will host, remember to combine the plastic garden table with chairs of the same material and color and, if possible, combine with the table also all the other furnishing accessories in order to create a comfortable, functional, practical and beautiful garden.
plastic garden table

plastic garden table The garden tables made of plastic can be of various models but, generally, a very simple and essential type of table is always preferred, characterized by four legs (often removable) and a top.

The shapes of the plastic tables can be various as well as the size, just decide how big you want the table and surely you can find the desired size even if usually you usually use tables for eight people and square ones for four. the various models of garden tables you can also find folding tables that represent an excellent solution for those who have little space or are used as spare tables to be assembled only in case of need and to be disassembled when no longer needed. of plastic are available in all the desired colors even if you always try to opt for natural colors such as green or wood which often also has a sort of artificial grain in order to closely resemble the models made of wood.

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Garden tables made of wood have several advantages over models made of iron and wood.

The main advantage is that it does not need any maintenance as the plastic is perfectly resistant to humidity, bad weather and the sun and therefore this material is mainly used by those who do not want to be forced to check and carry out constant maintenance of the Another very important advantage of plastic is its extreme lightness so that it can be moved from one place to another without any effort and finally the more affordable cost compared to other materials represents a considerable advantage for those who want to furnish the garden. garden without spending too much.

Among the main disadvantages of the plastic table from the garden we certainly find its poor aesthetics, even if lately some types of plastic table very particular, the majority of plastic garden tables are very simple and not very aesthetic and do not fit into classy and elegant gardens.

Another disadvantage of plastic, which also represents an advantage, is the lightness so if you decide to leave the plastic furniture in the garden, with a very strong gust of wind they can be blown away or damaged so it is preferable to move them indoors and sheltered in case of strong wind. If left for a long time exposed to the beating sun, tables made of plastic can discolour slightly so if your table is of a particular color it is advisable not to keep it exposed for the entire summer season in the sun.

The plastic garden tables do not require any kind of maintenance, you just need to clean them periodically. For daily cleaning just use a soft wet cloth to wipe the surface of the table while if you find particularly hostile stains you can use Marseille soap mixed with hot water to spray on the surface of the table, let it act for a few minutes and then rub with a soft sponge, if your table is white and yellowed you can whiten it using baking soda to mix with a little water, spread it on the table and rinse after ten minutes.

Plastic garden tables can be purchased in all garden furniture stores but especially in DIY stores and in various shopping centers that offer various interesting offers during the summer season, the advice is always to evaluate various proposals and offers before to buy the table that suits your needs and the furniture of your garden.

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