The chair represents a fundamental element of the garden as how would we sit and spend pleasant evenings in the company of friends if we did not have chairs available? So you need to have many chairs and the most practical and economical choice is undoubtedly represented by plastic chairs plastic garden chairs are made of pvc (a very cheap plastic) or polyurethane resin. Lately the chairs made of polypropylene resin are becoming popular because they represent an environmentally friendly choice and are modern and resistant. Plastic chairs are often used by those who love practicality and functionality and are combined with a table and other accessories always in plastic in order to create a furniture based on the use of a single material.These chairs are often chosen even by those who do not want to spend a lot for furniture and have, as a point of strength, resistance and durability and can also be left exposed to the elements because they do not get damaged or ruined, they are also very easy to clean and do not require special care or attention to remain beautiful and last over time. in plastic is available in various colors (it goes from soft colors to bright ones passing through the classic white and black ) and combine well with nature and shrubs if purchased in green or brown color. those who love to surround themselves with elegant and refined objects while keeping their price very accessible and within everyone’s reach.
plastic garden chairs

The garden chairs made of plastic material have all the characteristics of plastic and therefore are fireproof (they are not flammable), impermeable to water, resistant to humidity and do not deform with the heat of the sun (over time the sun will only fades the color).

This type of chair is very light and handy, it can be easily moved and there are also models of stackable plastic chairs so that when they are stored they stack one inside the other and do not take up much space. best for those with children around the garden who could damage precious chairs or for those who have pets who could scratch and soil other types of more delicate chairs, they are also resistant to shocks and can withstand any weight without breaking.

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plastic garden chair The plastic chairs, as already mentioned, are available in a great variety of models and colors but, generally they are characterized by a square seat and a rounded back with armrests. The more modern models, on the other hand, have only the square seat and the backrest, often have glossy finishes made in bright and very strong colors.

The classic model is also called “a small armchair” and is also used to furnish terraces and balconies, it has a backrest height of about 76 cm and a seat width of 59 cm while the modern plastic chair models have a much higher backrest that can reach up to 90 cm and are also used as dining chairs.Generally, the chair is purchased in combination with the table and other furnishing accessories in the garden so that even the color of the chair reflects the color of the table even if, wanting to create a more particular and sparkling furniture, you can opt for a model and a color of the chair that is in contrast with the rest of the furniture.In addition to the stackable plastic chairs there are also models that can be closed, this type of chair offers the same characteristics of the fixed chairs but have the advantage of being able to be used only in case of need and to be stored in very little space when not needed.

plastic garden chairsThe plastic garden chairs they do not require special care and can remain safely in the pouring rain but, if your chairs are colored, it is advisable not to keep them exposed to the sun for a long time because they could discolor therefore, when not in use, store them in a sheltered place.

If your plastic chairs have discolored thanks to the action of the sun, you can paint them with specific paints, so as to make them beautiful and colorful again. Cleaning can be done simply by wiping them with a damp cloth, but if yours chairs are white, you need to clean them more often otherwise they could turn yellow.If your white chairs are particularly dirty or stained you can clean them with a soft sponge and Marseille soap or use specific detergents to clean and whiten the plastic garden furniture .

Plastic chairs have very cheap prices, in fact, compared to wooden or iron chairs which are considered much more valuable, they have much lower costs.

The price varies according to the quality of the plastic used and starts from four euros for the pvc chairs to thirty euros for the chairs made of polypropylene while the chairs by the most particular designer and made of texilene (a more resistant resin) the price goes up to get around one hundred euros.To buy a plastic garden chair you can go to garden furniture stores but also to the various specialized departments of shopping centers.

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plastic garden chairs

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