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  • Kris Patio 1 year ago


  • Dylan o'brien 1 year ago

    1:11 I call hacks, that repeater just turned around!

  • Randy Toranzo 1 year ago

    bit of PvZ logic problems…ummm
    how could a repeater, which shot one pea at a time, kill a bucket head so easily, and how did that wall nut get to that stage so quickly?

  • Kimberly Kirts 1 year ago

    Stupid peashooter and walnut

  • Sloppy Wheel 1 year ago

    I'm sorry but it seems a bit nutty for this thing to have puns

  • Scout Whitlock 1 year ago

    Plants vs Zombies in a Nutshell

  • Scout Whitlock 1 year ago

    Plants vs Zombies in a Nutshell

  • MastrSkellyBones 1 year ago

    did anyone notice walnut was turning a bit greenish?

  • Angeline Drouin 1 year ago


  • Suzanne MEADE 1 year ago

    so peashooter can kill wall nut but not twin sunflower

  • The Candy Skeleton 1 year ago

    I remember this

  • Roanin Rives 1 year ago


  • nokes savage 1 year ago


  • Rasheed Thomas 1 year ago

    "You're big, juicy, delicious plant brain."
    Wasn't even that funny and I'd laughed hard. Something is wrong with me!

  • Stew Gamer Hunterz 1 year ago

    Omg memories…….. I remember watching this when i was in 3rd grade… I'm 1st year highschool/7th grade now

  • XxFinn_SavagexX 1 year ago

    in this world,its kill or be killed

  • Ender_Gamer10234 1 year ago

    Does Any Of Agree That When The Repeater Says Ahh I'm so Sorry Man Doesn't Sound Like PopularMMO's XD

  • MAD Master001 1 year ago

    Its hard to notice at first, but the walnut turns greener as the video goes on.

  • Video Bunny 1 year ago

    Sunflower is a girl

  • Iris Maciejewski 1 year ago

    the human has only one defence