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  • Lindsay Hamilton 4 years ago

    this is the creepiest thing ever

  • The Game 4 years ago

    I've spent about 4 years trying to get my onion to grow. I quit my job and sold my home to dedicate my life to growing it. I force all three of my children to watch this video every morning so they can take over my life's work. The other day after years of stress and misery trying to get the onion to grow, Nathan, my eldest child, took his own life. His sacrifice was not in vain, his body made compost which eventually made the onion grow to heights never before seen. My luck took another turn though, as I found out when I finally tried to harvest, it's fucking asparagus. I fucking hate asparagus.

  • Sarah Alexandria 4 years ago

    The comments on this video are highly suspicious. They don't feel real. =.=

  • Jasmine crush 4 years ago

    is the background noise jingle bell rock?

  • sailesh lollmon 4 years ago

    First of all i would like to say that this is a very good educative video. We often forget the importance of plants in our earth. As a science student i have come to learn that they are vital for our environment. They help reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen in the air. This process during which the plant do its metabolic process is known as photosynthesis. As concerned to the sound of this video we notice that it is voice synthesized video.

  • jenita ramasamy 4 years ago

    This video is very interesting especially for children. They can better understand the process. The voices are nice as well and there are also subtitles available if some phrases are quite not clear.
    This surely enhances learning process of a student.

  • Ingrid Mathurin 4 years ago

    This educational cartoon is really interesting and appealing. The voices are so cute and the different tones match the face expressions in various situations. The topic on plant was well treated and it was easy to understand specially by a child. As the music introducing the cartoon animation is lively, it arises the interest of the viewer.
    This cartoon confirms the fact that educational technology is helpful in advancing student learning.

  • Vivek Bohorun 4 years ago

    This is very easy to understand and the use of cartoon makes it quite interesting, especially for children who will find an interest in watching it. It makes the subject much more interesting rather than the use of books.

  • Preshan Koomar 4 years ago

    It is a very interesting cartoon that explains the photosynthesis process. The explanation is very simple and can be easily understood by children specially. Also it will be easier for the children to remember this cartoon than having to understand lots of notes to become aware of the photosynthesis process.

  • sandiana a.pillay 4 years ago

    It is a very nice cartoon, illustrating the basic requirements of the photosynthetic process which according to me is aimed at a younger audience. .Animations are a way of captivating a child's attention which promotes the assimilation of things learned at school. afterall our memory captures images more easily!! Therefore with the help of this video, children will grasp the concept of photosynthesis more easily! Rather than going through a bundle of notes or turning pages of books

  • Genna Appadoo 4 years ago

    This video is very appealing. As children like cartoons, it will catch their attention more easily. They will automatically have their attention grabbed all along as they will like to know what is going to happen to the flower. The lesson is that plant needs water and sunlight. The children will always remember that lesson due to the way it has been shown in the video. However if a teacher taught this lesson in class, they would have certainly forgotten the lesson the next week.

  • karla labonne 4 years ago

    This animation is very interesting mainly for children.Teaching with animations are more benefit to kids than static images. Children will understand why sun and water is important to plant.

  • Celina Pareemanen 4 years ago

    Clear message and interesting but the video would be more appropriate to small children since it does not give detailed explanations.

  • Ashween Rambocus 4 years ago

    Indeed very interesting and easy to understand as well!!!!!!!

  • chandinee bheekharry 4 years ago

    This animated video is an interesting and very simple to understand.It can be helpful to make learning interesting among children.

  • Emilie Sheik Bajeet 4 years ago

    it is a very good way to make kids understand the growth of plants and everything which concerns the living things. Animations are a way of captivating a child's attention which promotes the assimilation of things learned at school. The memory captures images mores easily. Thumbs up for technology and the postmodern era!!!!

  • ashven chinnapen 4 years ago

    it is a apt way to make kids understand about the process of is interesting and kids will find it very attractive.this video shows how plant needs both sunlight and water to grow. but still the video needs dynamism, but overall its a good video which helps kids to understand much more easily.

  • Reshma Mawah 4 years ago

    The video is wisely created to make primary students understand the need for sun and water for a plant to grow. The characters in the video are of children themselves and thus can attract the attention of the students faster and therefore help students to better grasp the concept of photosynthesis.

  • zubairtheace 4 years ago

    Not bad!! Childrens will understand the principles of growing plants well.. 🙂