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A science lesson for young second language learners of English. This is Chapter 2 Lesson 3. Plants Live in Many Places. This lesson tells students a little about how plants survive in the desert, the rain forest and the arctic. Music from : Group: Shake that Little Foot Plants for Kids For Easy Learning & More Informative Videos For your Kids Click On The Link Below :- Yes Yes Yes Its Absolutely Free !!! Related PostsThe Needs of a Plant song for kids about 5 things plants need to liveLingo Kid- The Teenage years- The Talented Kid speaks many languages to Sell his fansLingo Kid- Talented Indian Kid speaks many languagesALERT Wall” Around Fukushima Nuclear Plant Melts in 2 Places Following Powerful TyphoonsAdaptations in Plants -Video lesson for KidsHow Does Your Garden Grow? The How-To’s and Many Benefits of Community Gardening

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