If you are about to go under quarantine for the Coronavirus, it might help to start a garden now before it’s too late. Here are the vegetable plants and seeds I would buy and plant if I can’t make it to the grocery store.

Curtis Stone’s video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC85doUg3u4

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Plants for the Pandemic – Vegetable Gardening Under Quarantine | Container Gardening

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  • Andy Jessica

    Last 2 weeks i wanted to buy seeds and plants to grow but was so afraid to go out. Next time I will be ready sooner. Now i just used some produce i bought from grocery and regrow them hydroponic way.

  • Daphnie Tudor

    Yes zucchini groes well last year our cucumbers we had 4 plants a family of 3 and we couldnt pickle them fast enough or give enough away. And you can grow them in pots

  • Daphnie Tudor

    We are on our 5th or 6th year of a garden. We have so far planted strawberry plants head lettuce cabbage those are plant form not seed bc i got a late start. I planted seed wise swiss chard onion bulbs carrots leaf lettuce peas watermelon tomatoes pickling cucumbers a long cucumber beets radish and cantaloupe. I still need to get cherry tomato sweet potato potatoes and sqaush lol

  • Aldrin

    I like your idea. Thinking ahead for months considering lockdowns in different cities in our time. This could be great help for those who can't afford food. The season of starvation is coming.

  • Seedaholic Gardens

    Garlic and Echinacea or cone flower as a natural aid in respiratory ailment since all the stores will be OOS on pharmaceuticals! Plus mustards grow prolific and fast. Cherry tomatoes reach harvest quicker as well. The rest I already have growing as Winter Down starts in jugs(18 so far) since Feb first!Blessings of Bounty and May Your Gardens and your Life always Bring You Joy , Inspiration and Abundance!" – Hope