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IN this video, I show you how to plant watermelon seedlings in containers to grow up a fence. You can also use this method to grow them in buckets and just let the vines grow in the ground. These were purchased seedlings. Back in my 2nd year of gardening back in 2014, I had not Winter Sown watermelons from seed yet. Now, I grow my watermelons from seed using the Winter Sowing / Milk Jug sowing method. You can also use this method to grow cantaloupes or any other kinds of melons. Watermelons love to vine so you can grow them up a fence or up a cage on on the ground. If you grow on grount, make sure you dogs or kids or other wayward adults can’t step on them! ========= WATCH More Great Gardening Episodes! Container Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable Garden Mind-Blowing Mini-Greenhouse Reveal! 1st Winter Sowing Results for 2015 Seed Saving Overview – Glimpse Into My Vegetable, Herb, Fruit Seed Saving Magic Sugar Snap Pea Bandits BAMBOOZLED! Are Your Sugar Snap Pea Seedlings Being Wiped Out By Critters? 3 Big Seedling Reveals – Watermelon, Butternut Squash, Zucchini Grown in Mini Greenhouses ========= RESOURCES: Container Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable Garden ========= Enjoying My Videos? Feel Free to SUBSCRIBE for More Free Awesomeness on How-To Organic Gardening, Winter Sowing, Juicing and Healthy Food Prep: ========= LEARN ABOUT THE AMAZING WINTER SOWING METHOD!: Grow your own gorgeous organic vegetable, herb and fruit seedlings outside in your back yard or patio in the SNOW or COLD WEATHER from seeds in little FREE recycled containers (mini-greenhouses) like milk jugs, lettuce containers and pop bottles! Why Winter Sow? ~ Save […]

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  • Truckstuff4u2 1 year ago

    Knitting yarn skane leftovers braided or rope twisted or knitted instead of attire is a cheaper and better than that old comfortable bra…. I am the most frugal ha ha! Somethin from nothin leaves nothin but use somethin to make somethin makes somethin, cheap too! And looks like a more artful and bee attraction improves. Animals can be fooled by having wolf bain sprayed around the yard in breezy spots, those deer won't be a problem when they get a whiff of a wolf. The guy (iROBODUDE) has the best assembly description for the self watering of your 5 gallon garden garden area, simply the best in my opinion LOL. Have a great day
    Dave in Kentwood

  • eveny119 1 year ago

    Are you sure its not too early for watermelon?

  • The Mud Room 1 year ago

    Everything looking great! 🙂 🙂 :)

  • Petals on the Paving Slabs 1 year ago

    I look forward to seeing how they do. Thanks for showing us.

  • NickCO303 1 year ago

    Hey Sheryl, great container gardening videos! I have a rather extensive container garden myself (12 Earthboxes, 13 self-watering 5-gallon buckets, 18 whiskey barrels and dozens of other planters) and just love it. I grew one watermelon and one cantaloupe in the same whiskey barrel last season and they grew beautifully – I got 2 watermelons and 6 cantaloupes. I grew the watermelon vertically on a prefabbed trellis I purchased at HD and let the cantaloupe sprawl out onto the ground. Both methods worked fabulously. Looking forward to seeing how your garden does this season!

  • Truckstuff4u2 1 year ago

    At your place as I see from this video I recommend watermelon on the ground and interlace to your placement of your 5 gallon containers, I had a 18 foot butternut squash that gave 6 good sized gourds, my acorn was eaten by that nasty white moth so no more of them, and the tomatoes(12 5s) gave 2 1/2 bushel, and the sweet peppers we're still with stock in the freezer. After that I'm working on the rain gutter gardening simplicity, and I do that in patterns in a front yard 8'x10' and beside our drive 2 buckets space deep and can be 30'. I did record it on video but it's on an external drive right now but I do have a bit of springtime blossoming of what I call the tulip tree.
    Happy gardening (useful science)!
    Dave in Kentwood

  • Mary Posada 1 year ago

    thank you so much for this tip , this is my first year planting fruits n vegetables and I'm going to plant watermelon in a few days, so excited to see what plants made it . I love to see my garden everyday and see a little more growth. can wait to see your update on your garden.

  • Carrie B. 1 year ago

    My waylearned by my mistakes: 1) 1 plant per 10 gallon pot, 2) overfill the soil and compost mixture. It is going to pack down and watermelons produce a lot of roots per 10 gallon, 3) feed them a lot at the beginning, 4) keep them watered, but not soggy. They don't have reserves of water and you don't want them to wilt (except for the afternoon heat wilt) from lack of water, 5. Waterthe soil, not the fliage.

  • Permaculture Homestead 1 year ago

    thanks sheryl,  love the watermelon tips… ive been having problems starting them this helped.

  • thatpat1 1 year ago

    Hi Sheryl, do you have a video on how to make the holes in the bottom of the buckets?

  • Catalin Oancea 1 year ago

    Amazing garden! Congratulations!

  • Sonnie's Garden 1 year ago

    I never tried growing them in containers but now I will try it. I tried growing them one year, I got vines but no watermelon. I think the squirrels were eating them. Good Luck with yours.