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A simple and easy follow through of how to plant a small vegetable garden. Planting vegetables has never been easier with this simple how to guide on planting kitchen veg. You can have summer vegetables by planting a small garden in the spring, simple, easy and ideal for beginners. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVegetable Gardening : Compatible Planting of Garden VegetablesHow to Plant a Vegetable Garden: Tips on Growing Home Grown VegetablesWhat to Plant in your Fall Vegetable Garden & Planting Seeds from the Garden!Small vegetable garden ideasHow to Grow Garden Vegetables In Small SpacesCompanion planting in a small productive urban garden. Sustainable Gardening Australia

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  • Faith Whatevers 5 months ago

    Nice video! But that font was wreaking havoc on my mild dyslexia XD

  • Celia Betty 5 months ago

    [Details Here== ] is exactly what I have been searching for. The photos and text are inspiring, and what makes it that is due to their styles and other things involved. You can use it and decide how you want your landscape design should be.

  • thoriq azzaman 5 months ago

    can you upload this video without text ?

  • Renee Thomas 5 months ago

    Thank you

  • Nikita Rose 5 months ago

    Beautiful. Thank you

  • Erickson Ick 5 months ago

    Nao gostei desse video, achei simplório. Legal seria se fosse mt massa a demonstração falada.

  • Kurosaki Ichigo 5 months ago

    That is a very beautiful yet serene place you are living in and i wish i could live in countryside instead of city where there is only pollution and skyscrapers.

  • Nice video. Did you first dig a hole in the ground and filled it up with soil?

  • M.N.Nasik Mohammed 5 months ago

    hey what is this how are you? tomorrow
    samma mokka matchan

  • greenfingers gardener 5 months ago

    you have all that land, yet you ponce about with a shity bit like that, at least the birds in song made up for the video

  • Rom Dog Productions 5 months ago

    Is there going to be a time-laps of this growing now?