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Planting the garden English Song | Song for Kids | Animated Rhymes for Children English with Action Anon Kids : Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes presents ‘ Planting Garden ‘ Song with English Subtitles This is an activity rhyme and it is fantastic for speech development and developing the imagination. It also help to children to get the awareness about plant, seed and nature. Go through the rhyme and enjoy!! Nursery Rhymes and Kids songs for children which is useful for your kids to improve their vocabulary and cognitive skill. It includes Popular Nursery Rhymes, funny videos for kids, Rhymes for children English, nursery rhyme songs with lyrics and action, nursery poems. By watching this kids rhymes your children can develop their listening skills and this Nursery Rhymes will help your kids to improve their ability to follow instructions. This full HD 4K baby songs and baby rhyme videos teach your kids new things in a funny and playing manner without forcing them. Watch this top Nursery Rhymes with your kids which helps your children to get new ideas and views and this songs and videos become their favorite Nursery Rhymes. Best collection of nursery rhymes for your Kids!!! Watch and Learn. Lyrics : Come, come come! Let’s walk, walk, walk To the lovely garden down the lane Come, come, come! Let’s watch, watch, watch The gardener gardening the flowery terrain Come, come, come! Let’s walk, walk, walk To the lovely garden down the lane Come, come, come! Let’s talk, talk, talk And help to plant some plants again First we’ll dig Dig, dig the ground Then we’ll sow Sow, sow some seeds And we’ll turn Turn, turn around And then pour Pour, pour water Let’s all clap, Clap, clap our hands Let’s all wait, Wait, wait and smile The […]

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