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  • Emma Applegate 5 years ago

    Hi. Thanks for the video. What was your yield?

  • Amy Jordan 5 years ago

    I just planted a whole potato in a pot about 2 weeks ago or so. I am starting to see it bud up through the dirt. (I'm excited!)… my question is… how far up do I need to let the plant grow out of the dirt before I add more dirt to it?? and how much dirt should I fill it with.. meaning how much of the plant should I leave exposed each time I add dirt??

  • Katherine G 5 years ago

    Which one turn up better? The whole potato or the divided ones?

  • Roger Tackett 5 years ago

    Thanks gabisandu! It worked great!

  • gabisandu 5 years ago

    Hi. How it works?

  • Roger Tackett 5 years ago

    @SteveHarpster Thanks for watching Steve! Will do.

  • Steve N Vegas 5 years ago

    hey that is cool. let us know how it works. take care