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Trying something new (for me anyway)! Thought I would try onion and garlic in the floating raft systems. I visited a large aquaponics farm in Texas and saw that they were growing chives so I figure that it should do well in this. Take a look and tell me what you think? Related PostsNelson & Pade hydroponic floating raft system in the N & P aquaponic system, UVIGrowing Spring Onion at home Raft Hydroponics“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningPlanting 21 Garlic Plants in Self-Watering Container GardenPlanting Onion Seed – Oct 2011 – The Vegetable GardenBuilding a Floating Hydroponic Garden

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  • NWIPrepper19113 1 year ago

    I have never had a problem with birds stealing my garlic sprouts in the Spring. But this year, since we had such a warm winter, there were some huge blackbirds that showed up one day and by the time we noticed them, all 75 sprouts had disappeared, leaving perfect rows of holes as evidence of the thievery.

  • Zainal Arifin 1 year ago

    Amiin, thanks a lot

  • Trucking_with_Terry 1 year ago

    I've been looking everywhere… where are good places to find the foam planks for your floating beds? If you know of anyplace, expecially in SE Georgia please share! thanks!

  • Richard Yutaka Humphris 1 year ago

    Hi chuck! so i was wondering how the garlic grew compared to the traditional method? did you use hard or soft stems and how large did it grow? did you plant them during fall so it can get the cold of winter before harvesting in spring or was the proccess alot quicker than that? Also if it was successfull what was the taste of the garlic in comparison to one you would get off of a farm? Also final one, do you use talapia fish in your tanks or another fish?

    Cheers, Rick

  • Hoof Panels 1 year ago

    onions grow great in your method never tried garlic
    my onions out grew pots ,they were to small
    used 2 in
    Air increased growth [faster]

  • everybunny homestead 1 year ago

    What a fun project!

  • Sunny Hilltop 1 year ago

    Very nice set-up. Looking great :)

  • TheEmptynester 1 year ago

    Hi, Chuck. I am always amazed why will grow in water. I look forward to see them grow. You really got allot done there. Sorry I am behind on your videos too. E

  • Karl Kelley 1 year ago

    Suggest using a turkey baster to transfer some of the nutrient solution to the perlite before inserting the onions.

  • Lois Laney 1 year ago

    Good job, love how your gh is coming along.

  • Linda Penney 1 year ago

    Awesome update thank you for sharing have a blessed day i am sure that it will work out

  • C3 Voyage 1 year ago

    I love it. Thinking outside the box!

  • RICHROOFER1 1 year ago

    Things are moving along,looking good

  • Jim Conner 1 year ago

    If your raft onions do anything like as well as my flood 'n' drain onions, you're going to be needing bigger cups for them to fit in. Cheers!!

  • MrChipGardener 1 year ago

    I like seeing people trying something that's kinda "out of the box". In my experience garlic and onions don't like their feet wet but if this works or not it will be interesting either way.

  • fatpius 1 year ago

    This! outta be interesting!

  • GreenEvolutions 1 year ago

    looks great don't see why it wouldn't thrive

  • Greens&Gills Greenhouse - G3 1 year ago

    Very nice. It's always fun trying to grow new things. Look forward to the build on the talipia tank. Are you going to use any other grow media in addition to the dwc? Thanks, von

  • South Georgia Hydroponics 1 year ago

    Looking forward to seeing the outcome on that. My floating raft system is sitting empty right now and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.