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Planting Heat-Loving Veggies in the Summer in Arizona

About The Author


  • Peg Graham

    We love eating a variety of summer salads, along with fresh fruits. Pinterest has a plethora of salad recipes. If I don't grow salad/fruit, then I buy it at our local Farmer's Produce Auction every Wednesday night from June 1st to Oct. 31st. Watermelon is a favorite family treat in summer.

  • SuperMarbelle

    My mom lived in Arizona for a few years. She always mentioned that it wasn't wise to buy red trucks and cars as the color would fade and look more orange.

  • Mechille

    I love friend corn, fried okra, fried green tomatoes, fried squash, purple hull peas and cucumbers. Did you think anymore about planting okra, since it loves the heat? great video ☺

  • Rhonna Marsden

    my favorite summer dinners, a huge tuna salad with everything but the kitchen sink in them. don't forget the kidney beans, asparagus tips, sliced black olives and croutons in addition to the tomatoes, cukes, green onion, whatever floats your boat!

  • Heidi Covington

    When the sweet potatoes grow huge and fluffy all over those cages, you should do a before and after of when you got them shipped and they looked like a pile of dead grass. =D

  • Dalil Midouni

    I do eggs with veggies too , all in one plate , i grate some carrot , zucchini , pumpkin , onion , a little garlic and some potato too , season of course , on the stove cook them with some butter just for a few mins , remove , whisk the eggs with a dash of milk , add some olive oil on the pan and pour the eggs , then the cooked veggies , if you can grill some sweet pepper and peel it off , it'd be great to top it with too , adds a smokey flavor , and cheese is always an option too

  • Dalil Midouni

    Let's see : here are some dishes ( I'm not sure they're called dishes ), I do when I'm really lazy and it's really hot :
    boil some potatoes , peel , smash them well , season them , I prefer to add grated fresh ginger i just go crazy for it ( I'm growing some btw for the first time ) , grab some of the mix with your fingers stuff with cheese , boiled spinach , cheese , whatever you prefer really , put the balls you made in a cupcake pan , top with more cheese ( the more the merrier ) , bake for about 15mn on 180°c , and enjoy

  • Jcrea100

    Hi! My favorite summer meal is a Maryland classic- crab cakes, silver queen corn on the cob, sliced beefsteaks, cucumber salad (vinegar, fresh dill), watermelon, iced tea with fresh lemon and mint. We moved to Oklahoma 7 months ago…so…that meal is a homesick-in-my-dreams thing…no hand picked fresh lump blue crab for sale in these parts!! I may try the same meal and just sub out salmon cakes….ummmm….we'll see….