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AeroGrow’s garden expert checks in on an herb garden at one week from planting. Are you interested in a Indoor Herb Growing Kit , Click here To Learn more: Also, View our video blog with loads of gardening advice and tips to thrive off grid: The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit is worth checking out! The new Miracle-Gro AeroGarden has an extra tall lamp and extra powerful full spectrum grow lights for higher yields of herbs, veggies and flowers. mv mvend chw.. mv mvend Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBest Indoor Herb Growing Kit“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningAeroGarden 7 Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Kit & Grow Anything Kit Bonus PacksMiracle Gro AeroGarden Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed KitReview: Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed KitMiracleGro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

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  • MyAuthenticNow 6 months ago

    my thyme sprouted first on day 2, genovese day 4 or 5, and day 7 dill =) now my dills already the tallest

  • Oscar Kniepkamp 6 months ago

    my dill was the fastest to grow

  • Pompano Beach Babe 6 months ago

    I put in 3 of the Aerogardens. I got 2 on Craigslist and bought one from them and have ordered another. They don't make noise or not much at all. I have had them planted about 3 days and I am seeing a couple of my herbs coming up and can see a couple of the salad greens starting to come up. I don't see any flowers coming up yet.I could have a problem with the lamps as they say they should be changed every 6 months. I put lettuces in the new one so that light is fresh.

  • sn232 6 months ago

    Hi, What setting do you put it on for growth like this?
    How noisy is your display of aerogardens on the wall?
    Is that a natural, organic, non-chemical liquid nutrient you could recommend for the Aerogarden?
    Thanks! 🙂