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  • Arthur Caretti 1 month ago

    This was very helpful!

  • Streamer 1 1 month ago

    Ayye shout out to north Texas, that’s where I’m at

  • Adryan Galindo 1 month ago

    I'm rookie gardener and I just prepped my ground and starting my seedlings. Im planting tomatoes squash cucumbers radishes melons antelope and watermelons. A big challenge for a beginner

  • Olivia Dover 1 month ago

    First year starting a garden! Your videos have helped alot

  • stephen kelly 1 month ago

    Around what date do you plant Broccoli in the spring? And also do you start Broccoli from seed or transplants? Thanks

  • Heather K 1 month ago

    Hello! Thank you for your videos & encouragement.
    I’m sure you’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve missed a few videos. What area are you in? I’m in NE Texas & I’m still worried about putting plants in the ground…..

  • Blake Bitner 1 month ago

    Going to garden for the first time. I have the black gumbo aswell. I have low lying land and will start out with raised beds. Thanks for your videos. There very informative.

  • The Rustic Ranch Garden 1 month ago

    As always, great video. I put in some zucchini today and the okra is also planted. Very exciting time. God bless your harvest.

  • The Weekend DIYer 1 month ago

    Can't wait to see the progress of your garden! Congrats on the growth of your channel!

  • Mellissa Bailey 1 month ago

    We put most of our garden in the weekend as well. Just in time for the rain. My goal for 2020 was to grow more. So glad I had made that a goal before all that has happened the last few days.

  • Terri n Texas 1 month ago

    Thank you for all the good information! Great idea about putting your bush beans on a mound – I'll have to try that since mine drowned last year. Do you thin your bush beans to one plant? Blessings

  • Kathy & Phil Murphy 1 month ago

    Hello, Jill! Great video of getting things started for 2020. Always inspirational. Farmers here always plant before a rain. Woohoo for tractors! Frees up energy for other chores. Hello from Hamilton, Texas. Kathy

  • Hi Jill
    I never grew carrots or lettuce; I started them in 16 cell starter but heard they should be seeded direct into garden-can I transplant or restart?

  • Monika F 1 month ago

    My last frost date is April 16 and I’m ready