Planting a Green World Episode 910: Sustainable Landscape Design

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  • Isabel Lee-Rosson

    Love your videos so much! I do have a small criticism, your intro is so long for YouTube format. Consider making it half that long.

  • L Abell

    Yes, truly beautiful….and I suspect small predators are happy here, too- but we have eradicated medium to large, such as mountain lion or even bobcat, certainly bear….Also, in the entomology show, Joe, you show how native plants are native to native insects, and how crucial that link is for us urban gardeners to maintain. So what would be a good native substitute for .pachysandra? Being a native Californian, I would never want to eradicate our grapes, pistachios, cherries, etc. – but how can we keep our native bugs happy?

  • Ann Langley

    Gorgeous. Inspiring. BUT I see lots and lots of edging! Between beds and lawn, beside the roads. It certainly gives everything a polished look, but that certainly jacks up maintenance costs.

  • Robert Crain

    Great looking landscape, as a retired professional gardener, large landscapes on relatively undisturbed site are fun. I have found that the more common small lots where developers have striped off the soil are much more challenging. Many side yards can only be five feet wide. I have tried to work with my home owner and the neighbors to create a joint landscapes where both ownerships flow together creating a feeling of a larger space.

  • TheWoodWerker

    EXCELLENT Episode! Thanks for doing what you do on YouTube! I have an absolute PASSION for Landscaping/Design and have to say that your Show and business model provides a wealth of very useful knowledge and information to many of us! This particular Episode soars high on my list of favorite Shows! Stacie does BEAUTIFUL Work! Thanks again! Have A Super Week!…..Gus

  • Mountain Massage

    What a beautiful garden! I’ve recently discovered Piet Oudolf‘s natural looking landscape design, and here, Stacy’s garden gives the same type of natural flow. I love the incorporation of native grasses. This video is now saved to watch again, and again.

  • Chuck W

    I just watched this episode on @Create. What a beautiful job of landscaping. Just perfect in so many ways. Stacy must be quite proud of her work here.

  • SomethingBeautiful

    I absolutely Love Growing a Greener World! Each episode is nourishment to this gardeners heart ❤️ Thank You

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