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John from shares with you how he is planting 21 garlic plants in a growums self-watering container garden. In this episode John will show how he plants garlic with approx 4″ spacing in 2 square foot of space. After watching this episode you will see how easy it is to start growing in a container, and hopefully will be motivated to start growing some of your own food today. Related PostsOff-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: The Ultimate Container“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningPlanting Onion & Garlic In A Hydroponic Floating Raft BedDIY Self-Watering Container using a 55 gal Barrel! Garden Tower Style!Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container GardenGrow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden??

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  • madwiner 1 year ago

    10:0510:13 heh heh all right, giggity

  • sdushdiu 1 year ago

    Folks, you don't need ANY of his myriad supplements and additives he pushes. Just use a quality compost – that hopefully you are maintaining for leaves, grass clippings and vegetable scraps…

  • zozou27 1 year ago

    thanks for the video

  • Private Noise 1 year ago

    Why every time i plant garlic, the leaves aren't growing well? It will just extend from 3 inches  from the stem then after 2 weeks becomes thinner and then turns to yellow then sooner it becomes rotten … Any advice?

  • Aida Buenavista 1 year ago
  • Aida Buenavista 1 year ago

    Hi many months can harvest the garlic.thank u.God bless ♥♥♥

  • FullSpectrum Survivalist 1 year ago

    For those like me who couldn't understand what the box is he is talking about, it's a GROWUMS BOX. All I heard was gromes box.

  • MsLizRich 1 year ago

    John, you're just adorable. No girlfriend? I wish I was 30 years younger or that I had a daughter to introduce to you.You'd be welcome in my family anytime. And I just love your sly sense of humor… "100% hetrosexual and gardensexual." Got it, LOL

  • mjlouis20 1 year ago

    Couldn't you ration your mycorrhizal inoculant by sprinkling it on every other plant?  From my understanding, the mycelium will spread out of the plants root zone and with tight plant spacing the fungus will encounter a different plant's roots.

  • Maria Luz Go 1 year ago

    Thank you for this technology… This is helpful to us…

  • Jazmin Fuentes 1 year ago

    Good job by the way very informative 

  • Jazmin Fuentes 1 year ago

    I think we all understood that you like to shove things in small spaces .tight spaces lmao 

  • Crusty Tackleford 1 year ago

    Shoving big things in tight spaces. That's some serious root porn there.

  • Voffa Hej 1 year ago


  • STLforEVER 1 year ago

    damn u talk a lot

  • BhamJames 1 year ago

    Some thoughts: 1. It's not clear why produce grown in China would be bad.  I think if you are going to imply that it is, then you ought to at least give some justifications for that. 2. You're clearly growing hardneck garlics, as evidenced by the scapes visible on the plants. The garlics sold in grocery stores are softnecks, so people following your initial advice (viz. go ahead and plant cloves from the grocery store) are not going to see the same results that you're showing, which is kind of annoying to beginning gardeners. 3. Transplanting garlics: why? why? why? There's no reason why you couldn't have planted the cloves just once in their final growing spaces, and transplanting really stresses the weak systems of alliums.  It's okay when they're small starts, but those plants you have are beyond that point. Once the scapes appear, they are adults trying to reproduce. Would you consider transplanting an onion after it has begun bulbing?  Of course not.  4. Garlic needs subfreezing temperatures in order to properly split into cloves, but planted in small pots like that will kill them in many areas. Here in NW WA, for example, such pots will freeze solid. 5. Four inch spacing is quite close, and risks attracting garlic rust. Once rust hits, the soil is useless for four years or longer, and rust spreads not only to other alliums (like onions) but also to long-lived beds (like asparagus). Packing lots of garlics into a small space is a bad, bad, bad idea.  6. Bare soil/compost at the base of the garlic is bad, you need to mulch.  It prevents rust propogation and also stops weeds.

    You did mention that the variety of the garlic planted matters, so kudos.  That is so true.  A porcelain hardneck, planted before a freeze and left undisturbed but well fed until the following August, should yield a bulb the size of a fist with 4-6 spicy delicious cloves, in addition to providing springtime scapes for homemade pesto.  Grocery store softnecks will, at best, produce golf-ball-sized bulbs with 10+ cloves that with a bland taste, if they don't just rot in the ground.

  • Garden Sheds Kent 1 year ago

    After I watched this beneficial video, it came to realization that growing your own container garden is manageable enough. Upon watching this video, I gained some gardening techniques which are very useful for my own good! Thank you for extending your knowledge through this way! 

  • gregdoh 1 year ago

    John doesn't have a girlfriend?! I bet there are at least dozens of nice, smart, good-looking women who watch your videos and have crushes on you John. 

  • gregdoh 1 year ago

    Great video, thanks again John! And, please don't change for anyone, I doubt the subtle sexual references are going to do ANYTHING to a child. There is my opinion, do what you wish.

  • M BN 1 year ago

    Would you ever consider adding subtitles for the hearing impaired? Even just the highlights would help.