They decorate terraces, balconies and corners of the garden. We are talking about the planters, containers for plants and flowers that find more and more space in the world of gardening. Much wider than pots, planters usually have a quadrangular or rectangular shape that makes them extend horizontally. They are therefore quite deep, wide and spacious containers. Their size allows you to grow different plant species and keep them healthy for a long period of time. The planters are also an important piece of furniture for the decoration of the garden or balcony. For this function, they are made and produced in an infinite number of shapes, models and materials. In fact, there are planters in wrought iron, concrete, wood and with grating. All the various types of planters are described in the contents of our section. Reading the articles, … continue

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continue …, you will find out which ones to choose, how to use them and which flowers and plants to grow inside them. With the large planters it is also possible to grow different plant species. This is the case, for example, of the planters that contain aromatic plants. These containers can be placed on the balcony and terrace and allow you to have a small vegetable garden always at hand. The wooden planters with trellis in the shape of a grid allow you to grow climbing plants. These solutions can be placed in particular corners of the garden that you want to shade during the summer months. A row of planters with grating also allows you to create a green wall to be decorated perhaps with some furniture, such as tables, chairs and a canopy. A similar solution also serves to give a little privacy to your outdoor space. No less interesting are the planters made of other materials. Concrete ones are also very popular. Typically, these planters are very heavy and are used to create dividing corners in the garden. Furthermore, concrete is a much more resistant material than stone, especially as regards the absorption of rainwater. In fact, concrete does not darken with the action of water as it does with stone. Concrete planters are by far the most used and are perhaps considered timeless containers. For balconies and wrought iron furniture you can also combine flower boxes in the same material. All the practical and technical suggestions on the choice and best use of planters can be found in our section. Both for those who love to keep plants and flowers on the balcony, and for those who want to create corners of color in their garden or decorate their terrace with beautiful flowers, choosing the right model of vase and planter is very important. When choosing these objects, we must always try to follow the style of the house because a wrong choice would make the appearance of our garden much less pleasant. Stone planters, concrete planters, wooden or iron planters are all beautiful planters but the choice of the perfect planter for your garden will depend on several factors that you can evaluate by reading the articles in this section. By consulting our data sheets you will discover production characteristics, models, quality of materials and possible uses of all the planters currently on sale on the market. Do you have plants in your planters and don’t know how to water them? The answer is really obvious and simple, buy yourself a watering can. This product in its simplicity, is in fact formed by a simple handle, which makes it more easily transportable, and by a spout, from which the water comes out, will transform your unfortunate task of watering the plants in a simple procedure and without particular efforts. . Obviously this product is not suitable for large gardens, but in homes where space is really limited, it is used in fact and above all to water the plants that are on the balcony.



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