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Here’s my planter box. I built this planter box from my own design. I wanted a simple yet modern styled planter box. I was originally going to build planter boxes from wine barrels, however I felt that was not original for this application. So this is what I came up with. I started by cutting 2×4 lumber into 8 sections 17-1/4″ long. I then cut 4×4 into 4 pieces, each 24″ in length. I attached the 2×4’s to the 4×4’s by using a jointing jig with 1-1/4″ wood screws. The top 2×4’s are level with the top of the 4×4’s and the bottom 2×4’s are 20-1/4″ from the top. This allows a recessed area for the casters I will attach later. Once the frame was together I put together a base using leftover pieces of 2×4 cut to 22″ and screwed to the bottom of the frame. I used 1×4 pine for the trim. Each piece of this trim was cut to 24″ with a 45 degree angle. The trim was attached to the frame using a brad nailer and glue. To finish off the sides I cut fence boards to 24″ and nailed them to the sides with the brad nailer. I wanted to the planter easy to move, so I attached four 2″ casters to the base of the planter. Each one of these casters came with a 120 pound weight limit each, I figure a 480 pound capacity is more than enough. Everything was coated with water sealer and I installed soil fabric on the inside of the planter box to keep everything together. Overall I think the planter turned out good. The planter is very sturdy and well equipped to handle years of abuse. Please visit us at and please subscribe! Video Rating: / 5 […]


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  • William Greason 11 months ago

    I'm a new to carpentry work. In the video what size screws do I use to attach my 2×2 to my 4×4? They all seem to break through the holes I use. Do I use the connect size? I have been using 3 – 1/2" exterior screws. I would appreciate the help.

  • Rhona Watts 11 months ago

    Great video! I love the coaster idea. Shared. :)

  • Reviews 11 months ago

    Awesome job

  • Ronnie Mccord 11 months ago

    Great Vid! Kreg Jigs are the best for making stuff like that. Just to warn you though. that  Kellogg's garden soil can be a little heavy for citrus. I would be careful with the watering schedule. maybe get one of those cheap soil moisture meters to be you are not over-watering.

  • Chris McDowell | CMR Woodworks 11 months ago

    Nice looking planter box. I like the idea of using casters the way you did. I just built a fence and have some leftover wood so I am looking for ideas of something to make. Good job on the video. 

  • Cam Dunlop 11 months ago

    great videos, just make sure to not cross arms when using the chopsaw. its not safe!