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Oregano, salvia and other aromatic plants are often found in the herb garden or in pots on the window sill. Julia thought of height instead, and chose a different solution. A simple wooden board has been transformed into a fine herb wall with zinc boxes and matt paint. Read the article and see the tools that Julia uses at I wanted a smaller cat’s claw vine, but could only find this large one. No problem, I can help it attatchitself to the wall 🙂 I use clear silicone and Christmas ornament hanger wire. I’ll post an update soon as to how everything turned out…I’m still waiting on a few spots to dry since it looked so nice i added more. Please DONATE if you can: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsDIY VERTICAL PLANT POCKET WALL GARDEN |Making A VERTICAL HERB GARDEN From Shade Cloth And Cable Ties[UPDATE] Make a Living Wall from a Pothos Plant Pt 2Make a Living Wall from a Pothos PlantDIY Air Plant Wall Art from Scrap Wood | woodworking how toHunting of banyan tree from wall ,root pruning,tips to grow plant ,and making bonsai in hindi/urduMoney Plant Wall Hanging Ideas / Money Plant Decoration / Vertical Gardening Ideas

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  • metta8888 4 years ago

    I would love to know if this works. I have vines on my wall and the gardeners next door keep knocking them down.

  • Vincent Moore 4 years ago

    Hey I didnt know were else to turn but umm they cling by there roots right and I hurd from my mom if you put there roots into water you can save them she really likes ivy vines is thist true Id like to get her som so she can keep it id love to here back plz and thank you 

  • sfajaxel 4 years ago

    This was way longer than 7 seconds.

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    @GardenNewbie lol oh yeah I think I see it…the chair on the right side ya? it looks like a smile then the center bolt looks like a nose ahahha nice eye man!

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    @wmkk808 I appreciate it wally! I can't wait for it to fill in either as I too love those living walls. and yeah scary movies for sure have that look haha it reminds me of the old estates in places like beverly hills. I need something to eat up all that summer sun, lol and belive it or not this cat"s claw vine is the only vining plant that can take our Arizona full sun on a western exposure. Hope ur Christmas was great and I'm gonna go eat a pickle and cheers ya 🙂 hahha bye

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    @pleasanthacking and for my grapes I did use specific block wall screws and filled the hole will liq. nails too. I ran some of that green landscaper wire as I call it, you know the kind used for holding trees to tree stakes, and it works and looks good too 🙂 Thanks again for wathcing and for your suggestions 🙂

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    @pleasanthacking youhave some great ideas for sure, however I should have titled it something like ornamental vines or non fruiting vine attatchment trick, because this is a cat's claw vine which should adhere to the wall on it's own over a short period. It will have flowers but not any heavy fruit. This video shows how to help it get established to the wall and eventually I'll undo the wires from the vines and the entire wall will be covered.

  • pleasanthacking 4 years ago

    hmm.. why not simply getting that wire, forming a small hook from, about few milimeters high (1/8th of an inch tall) and shove it into one of the wall crevices so it will jam itself in that plaster hole?


    why not simply drill a tiny hole, and put into it that wire-shaped-into-self-jamming-hook?

    i wouldnt rely on silicone for structural support of any sort, especially if you think on having grapes on that vine 😛 tho thanks for the vid 🙂

  • N. W.O 4 years ago

    Go to 1;47 in your video and pause it.. Is it just me or is there a face on that chair! lol…

  • wally kaniaupio 4 years ago

    Genius I say….mighty clever, now that's what I call ingenuity at its best. I cant wait to see the finished look.. living walls are so cool it reminds me of those spooky mansions you see in scary movies…lol merry christmas my friend. I got to eat some pickles tonight, hee haw….. awesome laterz dude…

  • ArizonaAdventures 4 years ago

    @DesertStateAgent hey thanks. yeah it was cool because at first I wasgoing to use those twisty ties that you get on wires from electronics or for bread bags you know, but then we saw these for .97 🙂 can't beat that lol