How To Construct a Plant-!T Aeros 4 Pot Hydroponic Growing System.
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How to make a gutter garden / How to make a downspout grow box / Easy DIY Hydroponics / urban garden

Here is how to make the downspout container in a lot of my videos. I get a lot of questions so I am reposting my original video that I did almost 2 years ago. It is the easy DIY hydroponics we have been doing all along, so it still works.

If you make one, make sure you get the vinyl downspout, you won’t be able to bend the aluminum ones in this manner. If you would like, you can also get food grade NFT channels from hydroponic supply stores.

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Plant-!T Aeros 4 Pot Hydroponic Growing System – Bill and Bens

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  • martysgarden

    I will be there Mike with bells on for sure. Looking forward to it!
    Love what you're doing here my friend.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware
    ps: You can message me in FB the Martys Garden Show if that helps you get sorted!
    pps: Or let me know how you want to organise it,,cheers

  • djprophetinterview

    Hey Mike. You may know this already but a good way to clean the crud from inside the downspout is to use vinegar and a 1" paint brush.

  • Billye Anderson

    Hi, just started watching your videos. I'm interested in hydroponics. I live on a fixed income so I am recycling materials around my home. I have some old 2×3 gutters I will use for the planters. My one concern is the heat in FL. How do you keep your system cool? At this time I do not have an indoor option but plenty of shade.

  • polockexpress

    I used clone collars to start my lettuce wall. But I think they are choking my plants should I remove and use pea gravel?

  • J

    Your video inspired me last year and now, I've successfully have window sill hydroponic harvest all year round, thank you.
    Instead of the downspout, I used 5" fence post pvc instead, which cost a little more but hold more nutrients (for my use) so I don't need to refill as frequently for my endless kale and basil plants. I still use your pool noodle idea for supporting a towering kale trunk, at least until I trim it back about 3 inches to provide more branches (did this by accident). It branches out to about 4 kale plant in one trunk so bizarre that I discover by accident and laziness-because I broke the trunk and just left it there instead of removing it.

  • Ed Johnson

    In the video you said to give your plants a few hours on the deck. Can you leave out all the time or would the water in it just get too hot?

  • Chris Rowlands

    Hey Mike. I like your videos. I have a question. If I am growing everbearing strawberries indoors with hydroponics, how many grows can I get? Do I need to kill the plants off and start with new plants each year or will these keep producing indefinitely?

  • iamwillproject

    Worth watching again for me personally… as I’ve strayed away from growing a bit lately. I needed the inspiration to help motivate me back into my yard again. Thanks Mike! Discovering this VID originally is what encouraged me to follow you in the first place. I appreciate you sharing your insights & experiences along the way. Stay cool!

  • Rosco In The Woods

    I love your videos! Thank you so much for the information. I was wondering if a metal downspout would work. Have you ever tried that?

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