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wall plant invention, floating plant pot, maglev technology, wall garden wall plant MORE VIDEO: _____________________________________________ Communicate: TALK ,COMMENT, SUGGEST, REQUEST, Chat _____________________________________________ Add Me Google+ ► View Instagram► Follow | Subscribe► Tweet me on Twitter ► Share on Facebook ► _____________________________________________ LYFE: PLUG & PLANT: ecco – solar cook _____________________________________________ It’s fun to add the word vertical in front of other words: integration, Horizon, garden. That last one is everything you want when you don’t have a lot of space to grow plants horizontally — like when you’re doing so indoors. Vertical Green, a Mexican firm that creates vertical gardens, is bringing its speciality to Kick starter with an at-home kit that makes cultivating a wall full of plants and herbs pretty simple. Plug & Plant is a wall-mounted, modular system for prepackaged seeds, ready to grow in a soil-free environment. With what the company calls “smart bio foam,” a biodegradable polyurethane-starch foam that gives the plants’ roots room to grow, users can stick the “plugs” on one of the panel’s 12 slots. A 1.2-gallon tank provides water, and light, humidity, and temperature sensors gather feedback on what’s happening in each plug and communicate with smartphone via Bluetooth. Except for users adding water to the tank, the entire system is pretty automated. Once the accompanying Android or iOS app knows what kind of seeds each plug is housing, it will make sure each receives the right amount water. Excess H20 flows down to a “canal,” which feeds back into the tube, so you should only have to refill once a month. There isn’t a way to control for temperature or light with the Plug & Plant, but if you know you’ll be putting it in a bit of a dim corner, you […]

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  • Chloe Campos Music 1 year ago

    I helped make this! I love how many hands-on opportunities there are at GH for the students. Can't wait to see how final editing will go! (:

  • Elizabeth Clayton 1 year ago

    I can't wait for the first episode to be released! This looks so cool, I love GH :)