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Introducing the Plant & Flourish Vertical Garden by Home & Business Consumer Products LLC. The Plant & Flourish™ Vertical Garden is an innovative, 8 pot modular vertical garden system which will bring life to any garden wall. This product is suitable for the most seasoned home gardeners and beginners. The ergonomic planter pot design is great for growing beautiful potted color, fresh garden herbs or low-lying lush forest ferns. Each pot is secured to the backing panel by a hanging hook and each pot can be removed, replaced or re-arranged from the back panel. This makes pruning and re-planting of your plants fuss free. The Plant & Flourish™ Vertical Garden includes a low maintenance filtration and in-built irrigation watering system. The irrigation system functions using only one hose connection and can be controlled using a tap timer (sold separately). A tap filter is provided to ensure that no dirt particles build up in the hidden irrigation pipes and block water supply. The included tap pressure reducer will maintain a consistent water flow from your tap so that even pressure is maintained without damaging the drippers. The pressure compensated drippers will ensure that your plants get the same amount of water in every pot. Pot spikes are provided to ensure the drippers do not come in contact with the soil. The Plant & Flourish™ Vertical Garden includes an effective drainage system. The drainage holes in the bottom of each pot allows the soil to breathe. The drainage holes are specifically positioned to enhance vertical display and promote outward growth of your plants. Excess water exits through the base of the pot into the drainage gutter. Simply release the valve on each gutter to drain. The Plant & Flourish™ Vertical Garden can be expanded both vertically and horizontally. Expanded Vertical Gardens create […]

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